In cities across the country, Democrats are using the tragic events in Charlottesville, VA to renew calls to destroy American history. Lawmakers in Baltimore, Lexington, Dallas, and Richmond want to take down Confederate monuments, erroneously blaming them for violence and racism. Photo credit: Baltimore Sun

In Baltimore, City Councilman Brandon Scott has begun an effort to remove four Confederate-era monuments. In a resolution introduced on Monday, Scott specifically called for “the immediate destruction of all Confederate Monuments in Baltimore.” He cited the “white nationalist” event in Charlottesville as the reason for their removal.

Monuments with ties to the dark side of America’s past have come under increased scrutiny in recent years with cities across the country debating on whether they should be removed,” Scott wrote. “Following the acts of domestic terrorism carried out by white supremacist terrorist groups in Charlottesville Virginia this past weekend, cities must act decisively and immediately by removing these monuments.”

Lexington, KY Mayor, Jim Gray, expressed similar sentiments on Saturday. Gray announced his plans on Twitter, to remove two Confederate monuments that stand near the Lexington court house. The mayor said he expects problems with regards to removing the monuments. “As a mayor, you always must be prepared,” he told the Washington Post. “So, we’ll be prepared for the pushback and for the challenge. But this is the right thing to do.”

Dallas historian, Dr. Michael Phillips, wants Confederate statues removed from the city and all area schools named after Confederate leaders to be changed. Phillips started a petition, which currently has 120 signatures, that will be presented to the Dallas city council and school board. However, former city councilwoman Sandra Crenshaw plans to fight removal asserting these monuments are their heritage rather than hate.

“I call the people out here fighting to remove statues… I call them cowards,” said Crenshaw. “We found out that we are the children of the sons and daughters of the Confederacy.” Phillips referred to Crenshaw’s statements as “peculiar after the events in Charlottesville,” blaming the monuments for the violence. “The man who ran over the counter-demonstrators was shaped by this,” said Phillips.

Interestingly, not one of the liberal lawmakers denounced the violent actions of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protesters. Ironically, like the KKK, these groups were created by Democrats.

That should leave little doubt about who or what is truly inspiring the hate we are seeing today.





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