Terrorists Encourage Lone Wolf Train Attacks

Amtrak System | Photo Credit ICDN In the most recent edition of Al Qaeda’s online magazine, which is called Inspire, the terrorists call for their followers to target trains in America and Europe for attacks. Specifically, they say to target the “train’s compartments, derailments, or assaults on stations…”

The Departments of Homeland Security said there is no credible threat despite this publication. The report read,”…the TSA Office of Intelligence and Analysis (TSA-OIA) is not aware of any current or credible plots to attack transportation within the United States; however, TSA-OIA remains concerned with terrorist organizations’ efforts to conduct attacks against transportation.”

The English magazine includes step-by-step instructions, like those that were detailed for coaching terrorists how to make bombs.

TSA Responds To Al Qaeda Threats

Targets Trains | Photo Credit Fox

Fox News reports:

“The Homeland Security intelligence report continues, “The AQAP (Al Qaeda in Yemen) video serves as an important reminder that mass transit, passenger rail, and freight rail operations remain a potential target for terrorist activity.”

“…While TSA is not recommending any specific actions or countermeasures at this time, TSA does encourage operators to use this as an opportunity to remind employees of the importance of being aware of their work environment and to exercise due caution with equipment and materials that could be used to obstruct or derail trains.”

American Railway Lines Prepare For Worst

Targets Trains | Photo Credit Fox

The New York Post writes:

“The US has more than 100,000 miles of railway lines, but the trailer focuses only on a subway train. It shows cars barreling through urban tunnels, though it’s unclear which city is depicted. It also quotes from US Government Accountability Office reports on how rail lines are vulnerable to sabotage.”

“In the Big Apple, for example, people can board a train at Grand Central or Penn Station or get on any subway line without any screenings of themselves or their bags except for periodic random inspections by law enforcement.”

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