A group of federal prisoners were forced to watch Hillary’s speech at a federal prison were they are incarcerated. They are also being denied access to a speech by Donald Trump. Trump’s speech was blacked out on all the televisions in the prison. While Trump gave his speech, the prison’s televisions were supposedly turned to other channels.

Prisoners Forced to Watch Hillary’s Speech Figh Obama

The prisoners are now joining a fight against Obama. They will be helping fight the Presidential Deportation Amnesty that occurred in 2014. The women claim they are being punished through discrimination by Obama. Also, they believe Obama is punishing American’s for not abiding by the law. Then he is giving work permits to illegal immigrants. The immigrants  are also given benefits from taxpayer-funding. 

The court case is being filed in the great State of Texas. The filing is by four female convicts. An interesting side note, one of the four incarcerated women is serving time for smuggling illegal immigrants. The four claim they must be set free so they can fight their case. They also claim they are being targeted for supporting Trump. 

The convicts said, “On the night of Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, special accommodations were made. Every television in the housing units were placed on the channel where her speech was televised.”

Then the Prisoners Forced to Watch Hillary’s Speech said,

“But we were not allowed a television to watch Mr. Donald Trump give his acceptance speech.”

Prisoners Forced to Watch Hillary’s SpeechThe women are currently imprisoned in Fort Worth Texas. The prisoners are being held at the Federal Medical Center-Carswell. The female inmates claim the federal prison is primarily composed of Hillary supporters. The supporters include the prisoners and officials as well. One of the four women wrote a letter to Mr. Trump about the illegal immigration going on in the United States. As soon as she received a response to the letter she was treated in a hostile manner.

“Every illegal alien prisoner at FMC Carswell states that as soon as they are released they are coming right back to the United States because President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not going to deport them,” the women declared.

The convicts claim it’s not fair they are mistreated. There are illegal immigrants committed of crimes, roaming freely in the United States. They requested they be released to a halfway house while their case is reviewed.

When requested to answer questions, the Federal Bureau of Prisons refused to answer questions about the situation. They stated that due to the pending case, they were lawfully bound to silence. Do you think the women have a justifiable dispute? Type your thoughts in the comments below.

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