67,000 Boycott Hobby Lobby After They Put This “Horrible” Item On Their Shelves

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Leftist Outrage

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A Hobby Lobby shopper is requesting the store remove an offensive decoration from their shelves. Upset by seeing cotton in her local store, social media user Daniell Rider is sharing her outrage on Facebook. Even more insane, the post has a whopping 67k Likes and over 7k shares.

On Thursday, Rider shared the photo of glass bottles containing what appears to be raw cotton, on the store shelf. Captioning the image, Rider says: “This decor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves.”

Then, calling for “sensitivity,” she asks them to remove it.

Currently, there are more than 153k comments on the post, most of which mock Rider’s ignorant claims. “Slaves also picked vegetables and fruit so I guess that home decor is thrown out the window too,” writes Sean Perdeaux. “You need to get a life and grow up!” says Sheila Rossi.

Additionally, many of the commenters happily provide the young woman a history lesson. “You are an idiot, says Ginger Nash. “Many of us white folk’s families picked or pulled cotton. How much cotton clothing do you have in your wardrobe?

In the Spotlight

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However, this isn’t the first-time Hobby Lobby has drawn the criticism of leftists. Significantly, refusing to pay for birth control in their healthcare plan, they sparked controversy around the country. In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, citing religious freedoms. Feminists attacked the ruling, calling it a “blow for women’s rights.”

Also, the craft store landed in legal trouble again this year. Settling with the Department of Justice, they paid a fine of $3 million for smuggling Iraqi biblical artifacts into the country. Hobby Lobby was planning to use them in their Museum of the Bible, set to open in the fall. “The goals were to preserve these items for future generations,” they said in a statement

Dominating the left’s vocabularies are phrases like “cultural appropriation” and “white privilege.”  All of which, is fueling their the hyper-sensitivity. 

  • MadameOConnor

    You’re kidding me?

  • njdvorak

    Black people are not the only ones to have picked cotton. As a kid I picked cotton every day when cotton pickin season came around and I see nothing wrong with Hobby Lobby putting raw cotton on their shelves. It’s just another reason that Black people want to use to raise hell about their relatives being slaves. There is not one Black Slave in this Country right now so quit your Bitchin.

    • Joe Buzzoid

      There hasn’t been a slave in this country for over 162 years. Well, almost, unless they are on the Democratic party plantation.

  • James hegarty

    “I never picked cotton. But my mother did, and my sister did, and my daddy died young, working in a coal mine.” Roy Clark. White people picked a lot of cotton. It was survival at the time.

  • Jan Kannard

    If they are so offended by Cotton.. Then why aren’t they Protesting Our Cotton Sheets? T-shirts and them nasty Looking underwear they wear and want everyone to see? They just want to cause this Christian Store Trouble.. Because they have NOTHING else to do.. I like the Decor.. Think I will go to Hobby Lobby and buy me one.

    • well they dont like our cotton sheets that much 🙂

  • truck300lb


  • Andrea Moreno

    THIS IS ONE OF THE STUPIDEST THINGS I HAVE READ TODAY; dear idiot get over yourself. You and no body you know have been A SLAVE.It is called history and without it you would be running around in Africa being enslaved by other blacks. BE GRATEFUL TO GOD THAT YOU LIVE IN THE GREATEST COUNTRY!

  • Andrea Moreno

    This is just a ploy a ruse to wage war against Christians. It is the worst kind of bigotry and racism.

  • Carl Howell Family

    Black people were not the only slaves….back before Jesus Christ’s time there were slaves…American Indians were slaves, white slaves were there also in our time. Slavery is in the world today. Who is saying they were slaves…they sure were not..get in the real world and stop making trouble … we are all slaves to something or another

    • Diana Holmes

      Irish slaves were transported to America long before black slaves. Another time and generation. Please move on!

    • Liberty’s Advocate

      Slovakia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia and other “Slavic” countries’ histories are rich with their slave heritage – represented by the ‘slav’ or similar spelling in their names! Where are OUR reparations?

  • Cheryl Rosato

    Don’t people have anything better to do then complain about some raw cotton on the shelves of Hobby Lobby. They are decorations to be put within a decoration. You can spray them, put glitter on them, and so many other things. If you don’t like something on the shelf just pass it by. No one says you have to buy it. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    • Carol Gibson

      Agree. Looks like somebody should get a life.

  • Jan Erickson

    As a young person, I picked pole beans for local farmers along side migrant workers. I wasn’t compelled or forced, but still disliked it as a way to earn money during the summer. Maybe pole beans could be decorative.

  • Freddy Travaglia

    Get a life looks good to me,oh please do not put fresh garlic in a display hurts my Italian roots.

  • B.B

    If you find this offensive, I find you stupid.

  • Mark Heath

    The real history of slavery needs to be taught in all schools. Who captured them who sold them and who resold them. The fact that whites were the first slaves and many whites indentured servants that were never free until bankruptcy laws came to be. The fact that the United States was at the time a British Colony and slaves were freed after Independence, This after the Democrats did all in their power to keep slavery alive. Get a clue, get an education.

  • neeckoo007 .


  • Margie T Tinney

    This is 2017 people!!!! Get real!!! Those days are well gone. What happened to united front and together we stand? Don’t sweat the such small nonsense.

  • Diana Holmes

    Oh my gosh! This is a decoration and lovely too! Reminds me when my mom picked cotton in central/southern Arkansas. Yes, she was white. Blacks think they are the only race to pick cotton. My husbands mom also picked cotton in southern Arkansas!

    • Sue Martin

      Diana, I was raised in central Arkansas and my granny raised cotton and corn etc…. I picked it to earn money to go to the state fair. Back in the 60’s it was safe to attend it, now not so much

  • Sky W Summers

    Half of them are wearing cotton made cloths. Here what their sign’s should say. I’m a 100%DUMB ASS

    • Sue Martin

      That’s so GOOD!

  • Harley Sister

    The Stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. Be offended by the fact that children go to bed hungry and cold. Be offended by seniors having to choose between eating or medicine. Be offended by all of the senseless shooting and violence in this country. Pull up your big girl panties and move on.

  • Liberty’s Advocate

    I’ll bet $100 this results in a backlash that increases Hobby Lobby’s customer base. People are getting very tired of this PC, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian crap!

  • Dennis R. Ling

    I guess you want the drugstores to quit selling cotton balls too!~

    • bob jester

      Don’t leave out the Tampax

  • Cathy Pellman Moore

    This is utterly stupid!!! No way I would ever boycott or stop shopping at Hobby Lobby!! I love that store!!

  • Sue Martin

    I picked cotton and I’m a 65 year old female. My granny raised it and where granny was there I was also. Cotton was raised in the south it’s part of our heritage black and white. Some one Ned’s to wake up and get a life.

  • delble

    My dad and his brothers & sisters picked cotton – it was the only $ they could earn during the depression. Such stupidity!

  • Kurt Hartzog

    This is dumber than dumb. People need to get a life. As a kid I picked cotton on a black farm to make a few bucks and also to help out. We helped them and they helped us no big deal. Black, white, brown we all helped.

  • Steve Harr

    Omg, these black folks need to grow up and quit blaming their down falls on thr civil war snd confederacy. I had soldiers on both sides and all fought for love of their states…. grow the hell up, oh my major blood line is native american so PAY ME ASSHOLES

  • JoAnn333

    This just shows the stupidity on the left. I can’t even comprehend why anyone would waste their time with this. You have shown your ignorance and desperation to do anything to bring down Hobby Lobby because it is a Christian store.

  • Lotsaruck

    Anyone finding cotton plants or cotton balls offensive STRIP NOW. Guess where your COTTON undies came from? The answer isn’t Walmart or Target or even K-Mart. It’s from cotton grown on cotton plants in cotton fields. Makes you a hypocrite, doesn’t it? So, STRIP. NOW.

  • Sher Brown Reed

    Get real you bunch of sissy babies !

  • Marcia Reinhagen Sullivan

    Yet again, an article that gets Hobby Lobby’s stance on birth control wrong. Hobby Lobby offered 15 of the 17 types of birth control. They did not offer abortificants. It is this type of journalism that makes me question everything I read.

  • bb

    Ummm wonder if some of the mental midgets realize they are most likely wearing cotton! OMG the horror!

  • Lucille F H Atwater

    Some people are just looking to get offended. Just get over yourselves.

  • Jim Rumans

    Funniest thing I’ve ever heard of. What a bunch of snowflake morons.

  • Alice Fouts

    Stupid is as stupid does!! What next ban all clothing made of cotton??? Get a grip people!!!

  • Angela Means Kadingo

    I find it very interesting that these people are not petitioning against, Michael’s, Walmart, and Target for carrying the very same cotton bolls. They are being prejudiced against a christian business, plain and simple… prejudice, which is what they accuse the right of… wrong is wrong, and selling a plant that is decorative isn’t a wrong thing, just decor.. they don’t have to use them.. just move along.

  • jerry1944

    Wounder how many really new what it was

  • Kenneth Shackelford

    These people are just being ignorant. 64000 is less than 2 100th of 1 per cent of the US population, So Hobby Lobby stick to your guns and keep this display

  • Cathy Halpin Stanley

    Now I’ve heard everything, couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Some people really do need to get a life.

  • cindyca


  • Marlene Faust McBee

    Hobby Lobby and mannnnny other stores have carried this for ages… Don’t tell what the ancestors did or they will boycott it as well…


    Time to support Hobby Lobby even more now

  • Sharon

    WHERE WAS THIS PICTURE TAKEN.?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Janet Masterson Lancaster

      I noticed that. It looks like a store from the 70’s!

  • Laura Pierce

    Just plain stupid!!! Cotton on a vine used to decorate – give me a break stupid liberals!!! So sorry you are offended – get a life and get real.

  • Lisa Carrillo

    We are suppose to be adults – lets act like it

  • Barbie Jenkins

    We should really be boycotting polyester because it is made from oil , and silk requires the killing of silk worm moths , rayon uses trees , animals are killed for leather …cotton is starting to look pretty good by now

  • Charles D. Winters


  • Margureitte Ratliff

    I see nothing wrong with this item, this person needs to get a life, I’ll bet you sleep on cotton sheets at night or wash your face with cotton wash cloths..HUH? JS

  • DocW

    Wonder what’s black cotton farmers have to say! https://nationalblackgrowerscouncil.com

  • Amici88

    I just threw away my cotton sheets because they were white…

    • Tommie Voss

      You must have more money than sense!

  • Kathy N Jessie Bradshaw

    Hobby lobby your stores have did nothing wrong keep your raw cotton display. And all you idiots protesting against this get a life and quit be political left’s. You people are so Fucking retarded.Scare tactics that’s brings us closer together don’t it.I bet everyone of them protesting is wearing cotton. I love the display wtf hobby lobby.

  • William C. Adams

    Put you BIG GIRL cotton panties on and grow up. The world is as it is. Get a life and grow up you idiots. I am offended by you and your stupidity.

  • Barbara Jean Hammond

    These people who don’t like cotton need to get jobs and they won’t have time to put some idiotic meaning to a piece of cotton. Cotton is still being grown, it is still being used by people everyday, and it is being harvested by white men. Get a f—ing life. Worry about our troops that are fighting for others freedom if you need something to worry about.

  • gdnat195

    Have you ever been forced to pick cotton as a slave? No the world has changed be thankful that you come from strong people that that survived to give you life. The wrongs of yesterday can’t be changed only learned from, so that we don’t repeat history.

  • Lisa Stone

    Stop the stupidity people it is getting out of control. If you don’t like it stay out of Hobby Lobby !!!Simply as that. Don’t remove it it’s not offensive.

  • tri

    Its ok to pick your ears with cotton swabs though that doesnt bother ya lol

  • Nina Renae Arndt

    If you want to boycott cotton, stop WEARING cotton! Dont cry about a twig in a store. Youve got more cotton in one pant leg than that stick in the store.. smh wow…

  • Frank Cordero

    Stop calling it a “left” thing. It’s not politics, it’s stupidity!

  • Get Real

    Hobby Lobby should consider leasing space to Chik-fil-A…

  • Rhonda Dublak

    I have never known of anyone who owned slaves in this generation or last. The most rediculious thing ever it is a decoration and you have far to much time on your hands . Please grow up do not teach your children this ignorance.

    • Janet Masterson Lancaster

      Really? Try 6 or 7 generations. It was over 152 years ago.
      The first slave recorded in the colonies worked for a tobacco farmer. Lets pull tobacco products from the shelves!

      • Kathy Roberson

        Hey u r talking about the endentured servants that came over from england ???they were here before the blacks in Africa….

        • Rosemary Richards

          There were also white slaves that England sent over that were from Ireland and Scotland. I don’t hear them crying . They were treated worst because they were cheaper to get then black slaves

      • Cathy Linney

        Now that would be a good thing!

  • Mz. Kaye

    I think that’s pretty cool….. I need to get some for my flower decoration.

  • Nancy Lincoln Riggs

    This person has to get a life. If she boycotts over a pretty decoration that has nothing to do with any slaves picking cotton in the last 150 years, then she needs to throw out all her sheets, blankets, most clothes, underwear, socks, towels, washcloths, etc. My grandparents picked cotton 80 years ago and they were Caucasian and not enslaved. I certainly won’t boycott a store that sells something that was picked 200 years ago and has nothing to do with actual slavery. Don’t eat in restaurants because slaves were cooks. When you stay in a motel, clean your own room because slaves were maids. Don’t eat beef, pork or chicken, because they slaughtered the owners’ animals. Need I go on??

    • Missy Longest Clayton

      Some people just aren’t happy unless they are creating controversy, plain and simple.

  • Mike Thesenvitz

    Nothing about the headline is mentioned in the article.

  • Patrick Stinnett
    • Vlery Shryska

      Bahahahahahahahahahah!!!! GOOD ONE!

  • Leona McCammon

    Clothing that you wear is made of cotton, are you running around naked. My gosh it’s a decoration that was put together by a crafter. This nation was made on the backbone of many fine American’s.
    rather they be famous, historical or a laborer. If not for these hard working individuals struggles history would not be written. Slavery was a dark time in HISTORY and that;s what it is HISTORY.
    Thank goodness that people no longer endure this type of cruelity.. History is still being taught in our American schools, I feel it’s important that they know their was many people unfamous that built and made America prosper and hardshios they endured to bring us the beautiful country we live in.

    • Rosemary Richards

      There was also WHITE SLAVES! Of course this isn’t taught in school! Don’t see the people of Irish and Scottish descent getting all butt hurt!

  • YoMomma

    My ancestors grew and picked cotton and they’re white. These people are absolute idiots.

  • Amy Furst Musick

    As we’re always told, “don’t like it, don’t shop there.”

  • kelly

    my godness,im expecting a swaztica decoration.petty much?

  • Victoria Ferrara

    More MORONS coming out of the closet. This is 2017. If you have all that time on your hands to actually stand in front of a store with a sign all day, you are truly insane. Who led you people to drink the kool aid? This mentality is so offensive. They are going backwards instead of forward. People with way too much free time on their hands. “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.” Get a fcking job. If you don’t like the display, don’t shop there. And, throw out almost everything you own, because it is made of cotton!!!

    • Vlery Shryska

      Agreed with you but you forgot the part about they can end their life if they don’t like what they see! Too many of them roaming this earth with nothing to do than to hurt the ones that truly work hard for a living and barely have anytime to spend with their beloved families! These scumbags don’t deserve to live! In other countries they would be lined up and disposed like garbage or left on the side of the road like road kill! They have no idea how privileged they are to live in a country like this who allows them to act like total violent jackasses!

      • Victoria Ferrara


  • Karen Cook

    People still grow cotton. What happens when these folks pass a cotton field? do they pass out, or try to sue the owner of his own property.

    • Doris Storlien

      Of course they do !!!! Lots of farmers raise cotton. I may go out and get some cotton and decorate my front porch with it !!!! Might add some cotton balls and cotton swabs along with it !!!!!

  • kbeth

    How ridiculous, most of us have been boycotting Hobby Lobby for years because of their stand on birth control and going to court to prevent their employees from having access through their insurance. Why would anybody who still shops there care about them selling cotton when they do much worse??

    • nedbarnett

      Birth control for a month cost less than what a family of four spends at a meal at McDonald’s. Anybody who has a job can afford birth control. Why should the company have to pay for it? Do they pay for food? Employees need to eat, don’t they? Do they pay for shelter? Don’t employees need to have a place to live? Since employers don’t pay for food or housing, why should they have to pay for birth control. Especially when it is so inexpensive

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        Birth control is cheaper than abortion, which is cheaper than welfare, which is cheaper than prison. And it means fewer liberals. Win/win/win/win/win.

      • kbeth

        Birth control is included in insurance plans, why should Hobby Lobby get special treatment? If you have insurance you shouldn’t have to pay extra for birth control. That’s just one reason we need single payer, so employers don’t need to provide insurance.

        • nedbarnett

          Employers are not required to offer insurance. It began as a means of recruiting workers during WW-II when wages were fixed by law, but benefits were optional. As to why Hobby Lobby should get special treatment, see the US Constitution, First Amendment – it’s called freedom of religion. As for single payer, that’s a whole ‘nother subject. If you’d like to see the quality of single payer care, check out Canada (I did – I took a group of doctors to Quebec as guests of their Minister of Health to examine their system, then I published my findings and testified twice before Congress – and frankly, you’re welcome to it, but only if you want sub-standard care for everybody).

        • Kathy Roberson

          I am over 60 and I PAID for all of my own birth control what makes anyone else different than me!!!Get a life quit expecting handouts…

        • Rosemary Richards

          If you can’t PAY for BIRTH CONTROL you need to KEEP YOUR ZIPPER UP and YOUR LEGS CLOSED! You can sure as hell can pay for a cell phone, internet, video games , game consoles but you can’t spend couple of bucks a month for birth control . Please give me a BREAK! That argument is Stupid !

        • Rosemary Richards

          If you can’t pay for birth control you shouldn’t be on here arguing about it . You should be saving YOUR MONEY and buy condoms or pills or shots. If you are old enough to screw then you are old enough to take responsibility for your actions and the consequences

  • Jolanda Breedvelt-Willems

    Here in the Netherlands we have the same cotton decoration but it doesn’t grow here.

  • Jen*

    My mom picked cotton when she was a little girl and we are white. Cotton was picked by poor people of all colors as far as I can tell.

  • Doris Storlien

    How can 67,000 boycott Hobby Lobby??? Very few things in the clothing line are made without cotton and they all come from RAW COTTON !!!!

  • nedbarnett

    I used to glean cotton from fields that had been mechanically picked. Does this make me a racist? I don’t think so.

  • Dzz Dee

    People are just whiners and are lacking attention, Art is Art. Cotton is made in America and is history. Cotton is used everyday for everything sheets, clothing etc.. Get your head out of the gutter and your mind that thinks prejudiced. Because COTTON resemble much more that your accusation. Do you think Mexican are going to be offend by beans. Social media is not your psychologist people.

  • haz

    I can not believe there are so many stupid people in America. Maybe Trump can pass a law to force them into adult education. I wondered what stupid thing these people would find to cry about next. I will never stop buying from Hobby Lobby, they have done nothing wrong !!! Just as statues did nothing wrong.

    • alvinross

      No only stupid SOB too.

    • Sara

      You can’t fix stupid

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Would Egyptian cotton be okay?

    • Debbie Koperski


    • alvinross

      Still racist, what about polyester ?

      • Brenda King

        Done look !!!!!! There is someone that is finding something to complete about !!!!!

  • Janie Jarrell

    May I put in this quote from Thomas Sowell, who is a black man. “Blacks were not enslaved because they were black but because they were available. Slavery has existed in the world for thousands of years. Whites enslaved other whites in Europe for centuries before the first black was brought to the Western hemisphere. Asians enslaved Europeans. Asians enslaved other Asians. Africans enslaved other Africans, and indeed even today in North Africa blacks continue to enslave blacks.”
    Anyone who has dug into the history of the world will find that slavery has been in existance for eons. There is nothing about slavery that is good. People need to be insulted about more than what went on in the past. We were not there when slavery went on in this country, but it is a sad fact about our history. If one must find something to be insulted about, how about being insulted that in one of the richest countries in the world part of our population go hungry daily, are homeless, in need of medical attention and cannot get it, there are orphans who have no one to care or love them, there are elderly that are thrown into nursing homes and forgotten like garbage. My list could go on and on, but I will end it here. Instead of coming together as humanity and as a nation, there are those who want to see the country torn apart by things that people alive today can do nothing about. To all who are insulted by raw cotton, I hope your bellies are full daily, I hope you have a home to decorate, I hope the elderly in your family are well taken care of. I wish you peace.

    • Cathy Linney

      Very well said.

  • Marie E Vargas

    Have you lost your mind woman! I’ve been looking for something like this for 3 yrs! I’m gonna use it in my garden! 🌱 🌞 ⛆ 🌷

  • Lesa

    OMG people, let the past be the past why must we constantly punish the present for what ancestors did years ago. I think the item is pretty and with the right setting could make wonderful home décor. It just everyone is wanting civil war statues removed due to the symbolism of slavery, which I consider a part of our history, something everyone must live with. Next thing you know they will be wanting the Lincoln memorial taken down. Which would be absolutely ridiculous.
    Guys slavery is regrettably in our past. For which we learn from our history, so get over it.

  • Vlery Shryska

    Well I guess Rural King and some other crafts stores like Michaels and others are racist as well because they carry the same cotton plant. People are truly F***d UP in the head with this racist BS!! No wonder President Donald Trump has been desperate to bring jobs to this country of DUMB LAZY F**KS so These LOSERS go back to work instead of clogging the streets with pickets signs and violence looking for ways to start a racist war!

  • Vlery Shryska

    This racist and protesting BS needs to stop and stop right now! The police and the National Guard should go out there and start shooting people if they continue the fake BS racist garbage rhetoric violence. The police and national guard should learn from other countries for once! Anyone seen the videos in Venezuela where people came out protesting and throwing rocks at police and the police or army came out shooting their rifles and machine guns at the protestors like they were spraying water one them! If that happened in this country the police would be prosecuted for enforcing the law against these thugs! These cowards out there causing kaos and violence in the streets should get the same treatment period! I cant believe I am actually saying this, because I am not a big police supporter but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..there is got to be LAW and ORDER at some point! What is funny is, if you look at the picture of the scumbags protesting they are white trash out of the job fat lazy bums! Seriously find a noose and hang yourselves the earth is overpopulated no big loss!

    • Lisa King

      I can’t believe that this woman can even think to say anything she has never picked cotton . But usea it everyday. Why do we always look at the past when there are so many things happening in our country right now we should be pulling together and helping each other . Know matter what your race is. We are all Americans. And I think the cotton is beautiful and would love to have this in my home .

  • alvinross

    Then I’m a fucking racist because my cotton shirt ?

  • Thersia Frazier

    Hey girlie, what’s next? You gona sue tampons Co.or Q-tips. Sound stupid? Well so does your complaint.

  • Renee Reed Whitehead

    People have lost their minds and walk out the door in their ultra thin skin looking for an offense!

  • Renee Reed Whitehead

    And by the way, my mother and her siblings harvested cotton by hand in the fields that their father planted and grew! Growing cotton is racist?
    Give me a break!

  • Jean

    My Mom and Dad both picked cotton alone with black people, so how does this fit in with cotton being racist. I love the look of cotton and when I go to the country and see the cotton fields they are beautiful. This racist stuff needs to stop; grow up or maybe move to another country were they really mistreat you.

  • Candice Hiler

    I’m gonna go buy all of the cotton they have…I LIKE it!

    • Melanie Foreman

      Me too

  • James

    Allthose poor snowflakes, or maybe they’re just flakes.

  • Melanie Foreman

    Pretty I think they’re so pretty I don’t understand why some of that God created that comes from nature is so offensive to anybody if you find a pants with it then there’s something wrong with you you need to check yourself. And stop perpetuating the hate.

  • carl

    Absolute morons here. Time to boycott them. Employers, I suggest if you find your employees are “boycotting” Hobby Lobby for this very cause, you terminate them, because their public political statements may harm your business. LOLOLOL! Who am I kidding? These people aren’t actively employed! Sorry, nevermind

  • carl

    Sorry George Soros, you’re gonna lose this one.

  • Teresa Whitaker

    This is just some lame brained nut trying to throw their weight around. My Momma and Daddy picked cotton as children. Guess what? They were white! Just as many whites picked cotton as blacks and you don’t see them conplaining. So, Just get over yourself.

  • Deborah G. Brenwald

    idiots everywhere. GET A JOB and you’ll have something meaningful in your life. I love cotton and I love Hobby Lobby.

  • Rosemary Richards

    Pretty sure this Idiot is buying crap from China where they are using child labor and they are virtually slaves, but has a problem with cotton that was not picked by slaves.

  • Jacob Thomas

    Lets boycott crackers, because all us white folks gets a little offended when we see saltine crackers on the shelf at the grocery store!!!!….

  • Annette Nix Willingham

    I’m from the deep South…and a white woman…My Mom and Dad and most of my older relatives picked cotton years ago…that was how they ate…something like 2 cents a pound or something like that….I remember my Mom talking about picking cotton til her fingers bled…it is NOT a racial thing… and to boycott over this is total insanity !!

  • brandi alashanti

    Well.. Im African American and I think its pretty cool. My family is from Alabama and my grandfather always told stories of his time working at the cotton gin.He even took us there to see what he did and how it worked. In some peoples lives it is a horrible past but for some its what kept their families fed and created strong bonds and great history. I dont see anyone boycotting maids but there were slaves forced to be one. Ijs.. Lets not always look at the negative history. Its about getting those to understand our ancestors struggle. This instead of being seen as negative can be a creative and positive decor.

    • Janice Mericle Amacker

      my mother picked cotton as did all her siblings. they were poor and it put food on the table. sick of all the bs

    • Unn Hentze

      Brandi alashanti. Can you tell me why you say that you are African-American when you a few words later say that your family is from Alabama?

      • KWT

        Maybe she is of African decent.. but an American citizen whose family lives in Alabama..not rocket science.🤔

  • Rosemary Richards

    So I guess this chick isn’t going to be wearing cotton underwear, She won’t be sleeping on a mattress either because those things are lined with cotton cover and filled with cotton, she can sleep on hot polyester sheets, She will probably need to throw out her wash clothes and towels, no kitchen towels either. She can’t clean out her ears or use Q-tips. No blue jeans either,socks and pillow cases and hydromulch which helps stop soil erosion . Guess she doesn’t care about the planet just her little feelings that are freaking stupid!

    • 1ArcticWarrior

      Absolutely right! The Left is pushing “extreme sensitivity” all the way…I just wonder how long before the Justice department begins implementing “law & order”…

  • ImajWalker
    • Manny Borges

      Or how morons check their facts. THIS is fake news. No one is boycotting Hobby LObby for this. You have been duped. How does it make you feel?

      • Angela Means Kadingo

        That it is a shame that someone trying to cause problem and division would take the time to even start the rumor… it is bad enough if it where true and I could see it happening for real.. but to me it’s worse that someone is so bent on being vengeful and starting it. I have heard similar conversations where I live.. so it didn’t surprise me at all… people get offended over ANYTHING nowadays!!!! Sometimes for me, just walking into a business is enough to get the hateful looks flying my way….

  • Paul

    Well, if 67,000 people want to identify themselves as some of biggest idiots in America, that’s their right

  • WORSEKarma

    A whole 67,000 nation-wide, huh. Wowza… That’s somewhere south of 1% of the entire US population. I’m sure Hobby Lobby will recover.

    • LaLa

      I wonder how many of that 67,000 actually frequented Hobby Lobby at all. Petty perpetrators of yet another division.

    • Mike

      More like world wide so the percentage is even lower.

  • Vivian Kelly Patterson

    Well they can boycott CASH MONEY too! Yup thats right! American paper money is actually made with mostly cotton. Guess everyone can stop asking for money now that the https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a660ae944b945b8a1ce286092bfb6fde130eb767a1ed9f1eef911dd907b73d93.png y can be offended by it.

  • Mr. Roboto

    I mean.. the people outside with signs….. are all white in about 75% of the signs i c…. dont boycott em over a stupid decoration…. if u wanna boycot em… how about the ceos disbeliefe that gay people shouldnt marry and there few other things which is y they arent open sundays… fight for something worth it. People complain over to much shit.

  • Blanca Hermida

    Only one word….IDIOTS!! going to Hobby Lobby today

  • Blanca Hermida

    Only one word, IDIOTS!! Going to Hobby Lobby today!

  • Jim Wuest

    Having spent 45 years in the retail industry and having done hundreds of customer research projects, I can assure you that 67,000 likes on Facebook do not equate to 67,000 boycotting customers. Most of the people who hit like have never even set foot in a Hobby Lobby.
    Fake News!

  • William Shouse

    Going by a Hobby Lobby today in hopes of buying Halloween decorations and I’m paying it with cotton, that’s right, cotton. It’s in your money sweetheart. That 1% of the country protesting should find something else to do with their time, like go to work!

    • Daisy Carter

      Absolutely right.

    • Unn Hentze

      Willian Shouse just remember not to buy a halloween costume that looks like an abe – then you will be in truble.

  • Daisy Carter

    Absolutely love the cotton decorations-have them in my kitchen. Do the people complaining about cotton wear cotton clothing? Well, they should be banned from buying anything cotton if this is so upsetting to them. Ever visit the Carolinas? They are still growing cotton and never once have I seen “slaves” picking it. Grow up snowflakes-get a life.

    • Geanie Love White

      growing here in New Mexico too.

    • Gale

      Daisy we have cotton fields in Georgia too. We call it southern snow.
      Oh yeah, my grandparents picked cotton. Dragging long bags to fill. Do I feel oppressed? No..I think southern snow is beautiful.

      • Daisy Carter

        Love the south! Real people live there.

    • KWT

      We grow it in Alabama too.. I love looking at the cotton fields..

  • Geanie Love White

    Hobby Lobby on my agenda today . this is the most ridiculous thing yet. . There are cotton fields near my home in ” Southern” New Mexico. It is looking beautiful. Where do these idiotic ideas come from? Please tell me that it isn’t professors . Maybe George Soros.

  • Lisa Parris

    What about tampons there made of white cotton

    • alysdexia

      where made?

  • Manny Borges

    NO one is boycotting hobby lobby for this. This is one single dumb consumer .
    ehem… fake news

  • Shirley Lambiris

    there are a lot sick people out there, she is nuts she needs to get a life. so many bad things happening in the world and she complaining about cotton. give me a break!!!

  • James Toomey

    Well, I guess we can no longer have coffee on shelves of grocery stores, or bananas, because these things were harvested by slaves. What about cows and sheep and chickens? Didn’t slaves tend these animals? What about any item that is black or cocoa covered…seems racist to me. And, I suppose liberals will stop eating sugar, too – because this was grown primarily by slaves for centuries. It’s too bad we closed so many insane asylums about 40 or 50 years ago; about half the country needs one right now….

    • Pamela Rogers

      haha spot on

  • Craig Crosson

    Daniell Rider, you must be one incredibly stupid person.

  • Mindy Peach

    I’m getting really sick and tired of people dictating to us what is right and wrong to use in the way of monuments and now home decorations.

  • Riveslaw

    For the many who are offended by the use of cotton as a decoration, I am sure you are equally offended by the cotton used in your paper currency. There is a solution. Please feel free to send all that offensive currency to me for proper disposal.

    • Susan Wall Lester

      Good one.

  • Nessa

    Really, I mean…, really.

  • Chris

    Don’t let them go into Spencer’s at the mall!!!!!!!

  • Diane

    People need to get a life. Come on every thing offeneds people now a days. Its just a decoration.

  • marty r

    The brainless black twit who claimed this item racist, clearly has some mentally-ill-brainwashing-issues

    • J.w. Gibson

      How do you know it is a black person? Most of these of the people claiming offense are white.

      • Tonda-Mike Dorton

        Does not matter what color they are. Cotton can not be a racial symbol. Cotton is a gift from God. Tell me why a plant would develop that would have as it’s bloom a fibrous ball that was just perfect for turning into thread for clothing. You can’t explain any other reason. It was a gift from God. Yes at one time it was harvested with slave labor. That was over a hundred and fifty years ago, and the plant had nothing to do with it. I am pretty sure the offended person may have had to go home naked if they had to take off all the clothes they had on that contained cotton. This bouquet of cotton offends no one. All this is made up because these protesters have to find something wrong with everything. And if they can’t find something, they make it up. So when they are making up their next racial outrage, they should leave God and his creations out of it. Because God is not a racist.

        • Christopher Null

          sure he is, otherwise blacks wouldnt have picked it. There is no god. Only Satan. Satan lives matter

        • alysdexia

          Only the wicked believe in gods. “God” isn’t even a name; Abrahamism believes in multiple gods, as many as the pagan Ugaritic and Zoroastrian godheads it plagiarized from. The curse of Kham Mormons believe in say that blacks can’t enter heaven unless they lose their darkness, derived from the Old Testament of course which is full of mass murder and nationalism/tribalism if not racism.

          it’s -> its, mick


      • KWT

        She is black…

  • Jay

    Come to my house I’ll show you real cotton U need to be check by a doctor you have some screws loose

  • Unn Hentze

    Don´t you have anything to do? seriously you could not find anything else to complain about? aren´t you getting sick of seeing yourself as a victim all the time? plz get your act together and do something usefull with our life.

    • alysdexia


  • Barbara Fisco

    Insanity, as usual. Look at all the demonstrators WTF?

  • Joel Goodman

    does every branch of cotton come with its own nigger to pick it?

    • Agapito Teresa Moreno

      That IS offensive. You are not welcome here. It’s people like you that are a cancer.

  • Dan Trevino

    WTH? So do liberal stop using anything that is made with cotton too?

  • Zadie Idona Carter

    I picked COTTON, And I Am White And 79 years old,And had lots of Black friends in the field with me and the family, and We loved each other.

    • Pamela Rogers

      Amen sista

  • yogiman

    They’re obviously too ignorant to know there was many black slave owners before the ‘whites’ started owning slaves. And ignorant of the fact there was also white slaves in the “early” time of our nation.

  • Peltonmj

    I shop at Hobby Lobby every day. One of my favorite stores!

  • Texas 72

    The first slace owner was black.

  • Onyxx Sky

    It makes perfect sense to me that if these 67,000+ are offended by cotton, they should probably give away all of their paper money, all those Grants and Franklins, to someone who is not offended by cotton. Why, you ask? I doubt any of these “highly intelligent” folks stopped to consider that our paper currency contains fibers of COTTON! No exceptions – cotton is cotton, folks. If you ignorant people are going to stand up for your convictions, and you wanna play the part, BURN all of your paper money which you love spending on expensive clothes, cars, gold, shoes, purses, salon visits and the latest technology. Sell everything you own that you bought with that money, then burn that money, and eventually you will be living nearly naked and homeless with absolutely nothing to call yours. I’m mixed, but my white ancestors worked next to your black ancestors picking cotton, they were share croppers. After slaves were freed many black farmers chose to be cotton farmers on their own land. Anyone offended by reminders of slavery, let me educate you: over a million Europeans were held as slaves from the 1530s through the 1780s in Africa, and hundreds of thousands were kept as slaves by the Ottomans in eastern Europe and Asia. We don’t have to compare apples to oranges: a slave is a slave, no matter the color, no matter the treatment, no matter if they were indentured or not – a slave is a slave. Stop acting like just because you are black or offended that you are entitled. No, you’re not. No one owes you anything. No one owes anybody anything. Point is slavery does not exist today. You are not a slave. Your relatives are not slaves. Your parents were not slaves. Slavery is history – just like all your damn complaining about “black injustices” should be. It’s monotonous and America is tired of it. You have no right to be offended, I don’t care what your skin color is. Your complaints are like those of a child who everyone has to stop and look at when the child starts whining and crying because he/she didn’t get their way. Stop acting like children, stop begging for attention, and stop perpetuating the race wars through asinine complaints. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62b098ea2e475828ff5a8f9044da781b6ff302b0dc163f2d26d7f0a30d8d99d1.png

    • Sassy

      Instead of them burning their cash and wasting it, they can send it to me! I won’t be offended by it. I LOVE cotton! 😄

    • Kay Robertson Crain

      God bless you for the truth! All these whinners for injustices should remember Native American history……

      • alysdexia

        Bledse yourself, cretin. What is a “whinner”? God couldn’t teach you how to spell.

    • alysdexia

      What “folks”?, “hicks”.. or is it “micks” or “hillbillies”? When economy exists, one does owe others something. Wage slavery exists for breeders. By “children” you mean kids, as everyone who has parents is a child. And by kids, you’re ageist trash.

  • Sassy

    WOW! I love my 100% cotton sheets and cotton clothing! And guess what? NO slaves picked it! Why? Because there are no cotton pickin’ slaves today! Today’s cotton pickers get a pay check vs room and board and free health care!
    NO one living today owned slaves and NO one living today has ever been a slave! Oh, wait, I take that back…………slaves today pay a portion of their paycheck to uncle sam who then gives it to the welfare bumbs!
    Idiots need a bit of a history lesson as to who the first legal slave owner in the US was! Google Anthony Johnson! A FREED BLACK man who went to court and demanded it. He even had white indentured servants. Yep, oh Anthony was an indentured servant, too and that’s how he gained his freedom. An indentured servant worked for a period of 4-7 yrs to pay off their passage to come here! Many whites were indentured servants too. Especially the Irish!

  • Susie Crabtree

    Sixty-seven Thousand may have boycotted the store but several friends and I shopped at our local HL this week. We plan on going back this weekend as we are gearing up to decorate for Halloween! We find the reason behind the boycott ridiculous and self serving. So plftt.

    • Agapito Teresa Moreno

      The article title is misleading! The article actually states that it had 67k likes not that there are 67k that has actually boycotted. I am on my way to Hobby Lobby TODAY! What a ridiculous woman crying over cotton bolls as offensive! I am offended that this is getting any media coverage….so much more worthwhile things to report about! My grandparents (white) picked cotton.

  • Debi Metcalfe

    This is crazy. My husband’s whole family picked cotton, by hand!!!! This does not offend them.

  • lisa Jacob

    Grow up . my god these liberals have no brains at all. They must spend every second of their pathetic lives looking for some ubsurd reason to complain.

    • alysdexia

      What is “grow up”? Get fat, heavy, slow until death? What’s “ubsurd”?

  • Jodi Eletri

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen it’s cotton and it’s no longer harvested by slaves and guess what to those it offends they need to also boycott cotton sheets, cotton towels and all types of cotton clothing if you don’t want to do that stop being ridiculous.

  • Chris Nau

    Are these people offended at the cotton in the aspirin bottle? The cotton in their shirts, pants, underwear, socks,coats, feminine hygiene products, towels and numerous other products? Slavery ended 143 years ago and civil rights have pretty much integrated society. There are so many real issues to protest such as poverty, injustice, government reform, the educational system and these idiots choose cotton balls on a tree. WTF! To paraphrase Sigmund Freud ; “Sometimes cotton is just cotton” Save it for something that matters since lately it seems to be the boy crying wolf all around our nation.

  • Bonnie Vines Powell

    Where does that woman think her cotton shirts, etc. come from? They don’t still send poor slaves to get the cotton….believe me. I live in Alabama and there are all kinds of people who love and sell cotton. I wish she would use a dictionary and see what COTTON really is and does. Hope all her cotton shirts are thrown away. She doesn’t deserve them. Thank you Hobby Lobby for your love for the Lord.

    • alysdexia

      The “Lord” who was a murderer, rapist, child abuser, thief, thug, and liar? medium.c​om/@alysdexia/kristians-dont-exist-59f4730f6dea

  • Patti Davidson

    Get a life! There is so much more important things going on in this world to care about. Than to try to find nit picky minute subjects to complain about. My inlaws use to pick cotton and hated doing so, but that was the job they could get back in the day. Stop trying to see the bad in something that is good.

    • alysdexia

      used, dolt

  • Gma57

    Personally all these people who find such petty stuff this offensive, offends me so much I want them to leave the country so those of us who are tired of their offensive complaining about silly offensive stuff can enjoy our lives offensive free

  • Jubilee

    Uber femagog didn’t know ,,every,,body picks cotton if they’re growing it. As tho a product is offensive. By the way, what was her clothing content, her wallet lining, her shoe padding, her suv upholstery fill, her household’s bath snd bed linens, her kitchen towels… And while I’m at it Miss SmarmyPants, in Arizona, I know a huge cotton field that’s been there since before you were taught your bigot racist ‘tude. And putting a few budding twigs on a table centerpiece honors the plant and the textile’s important place in human history. Next you’ll be wanting to burn every cotton field because you ,,feel offended,,. If you were so PRO rights you wouldn’t be shrecking like an agenda-ista between manicures. Hey, did you know Winter season brings florists tons of business selling pussy willow? You just got your new sexism tirade fuel. You’re welcome! Sheesh, don’t schools assign books like The Ugly American in English Lit as required reading anymore for folks who are too knucklehead to educate beyond msm? And somebody tell her about the USS Alligator and Darah Forbes Bonetta and the 3 centuries blacks enslaved whites.

    • alysdexia

      There’s that Americanism “folks” again.

      • New York Native

        Funny, Barack Obama used that term all the time!

        • alysdexia

          Obama had awful diction: “little bit”, “iiconomic”.

  • Dar

    They obviously do not know that people of all races and backgrounds have picked cotton. I say the ones offended should stop wearing any products made from cotton. They can show their solidarity.

  • KitsKid

    I saw a machine taking the cotton off the stalk and their were no African-American folks within sight of the field I was in.

    • alysdexia

      their what?
      How many “folks”?

      • Daria Sanders

        You forgot to capitalize “their”, as you should know that you do not start a question or sentence in lower case letters. You are too funny. You have nothing of use in the way of a reply to any of the comments in here relation to this story. As far as so many people using “folks”? Well, look the term up. Just as with many words in American English, not to be confused with U.K. English, it is a word widely used, especially by Southerners. You asking how many in “folks” in regards to his comment is irrelevant, since he chose to make it plural when he wrote it. In your haste to criticize you made yourself out to be less than whom you are criticizing. Which, by the way, you do adequately since that is all you have shown that you are capable of contributing to any conversation. 😉

        • 4august20

          Daria shut the fuck up and mind your own business

        • alysdexia

          Capitalization didn’t always exist, nor did punctuation. They’re not needed in interjections. Besides, capitalization usually represents stress, so I did accurately write my sentiment.

          It doesn’t matter whether cultures corrupt language; it’s still wrong. Your disclaimer to my honest question makes no sense. Keep your delusions to yourself.

  • KitsKid

    Get a life. Damn woman is that all you got to do? Well I think that you live a boring life.

  • D monaghan

    Some people have nothing to do but look around and be offended or upset by any perceived thing they see.maybe they wear polyester everywhere.Im so d sick of this pretend offense just to stir up trouble or get a buck.

  • Grams 3

    Some people have nothing better to do than look around and be offended,to stir up trouble or get a buck.do they all wear polyester.i bet those protestors had t shirts on.(cotton) my mama was white and picked cotton.Im sick of these cry babies.

  • Dman

    Wow more room for me to shop now.. lol

  • Alvin Shipley

    Well this just makes me wanna jump down, turn around and pick a bale-o-cotton!

    • Lessia Combs Hayes

      You’ve made my day Alvin, whomever you are!

    • Sylvia Clifton

      So funny.

  • Pat Cook

    I think I’ll run right down to Hobby Lobby and buy one of these lovely arrangements as a tribute to one of the major cash crops of our ancestors. My grandparents (very white folks) picked a lot of it in their day. Nothing racist about a cotton boll!

    • alysdexia

      How were your grandparents folks?

  • Reggie Smith

    This just shows how stupid some people are. When will these fools learn that the Emancipation Proclamation was signed into law in 1865, freeing all slaves. From that point on every citizen of the United States has been free. If you don’t like cotton, then I suggest that you throw out your clothes, mattress, furniture, and sleep on hardwood floors….because the carpet can also contain cotton. When will this foolishness end?

    • The Emancipation Proclamation was signed into law, but all slaves did not become free at that time.(Ijs) I’m not arguing the cotton thing. That’s way out there. I’m a designer and I will use the hell out of that cotton in my designs.

  • Buddy Derry

    One the libs and their leeches will never boycott work shoes.

  • Cynthia Garrison

    I think we need to Boycott the Boycott! Got cotton… I do. In everything I wear.

  • alysdexia


  • alysdexia

    where the Buybull comes from: http://www.bibleorigins.n​et.

  • Golda

    Raw Cotton. This is now offensive. Ya know I know Cotton pickers of all colors that were hard workers that picked Cotton and provided for Cotton for clothes. So with this thought line we should not wear cotton? How about vegetables and fruit that people picked?! Someone got paid in today timeframe to pick THIS cotton. No slaves. Ya wanna take money from them and from their families?! WHY?!

  • L

    My white grandparents picked a lot of cotton in their day as this was one of their few sources of income. She needs to go play her pitiful race card somewhere else. I will continue to shop at Hobby Lobby.

  • chance

    Alright. People are going to be so politically correct to the point that all holidays are going to be taken away including MLK day. You watch! I hear people already talking about it. Stop the madness.

  • Stacey Campbell McCall

    Grow up people. Slavery is over no thanks to the Dems that Liberal America follows lol.

  • Laura Vaughan
    • Daniel Colling

      Wow is that white people in that cotton field there?

    • Kelli J Moreno

      oh snap…. white kids picking cotton!

  • Laura Vaughan

    I’m quite sure that Daniell Rider has never picked cotton, Should we boycott cotton balls and Qtips also? Gezzz, cotton balls even have printed on the bag COTTON!! Jesus people get a freaking life already!

  • Polly Winans

    what a joke saying cotton is a race thing. I lived on a cotton farm in east Texas and my family picked cotton all the time and people do not get any whiter than us. The main thing we had in common was that you were poor or you would not have been picking cotton for a living. I personally wouldn’t care to have cotton in a jar to look at but it would not be because I thought of it only being associated with any particular race.

  • 1TrueAmericanPatriot

    Well, most of us know and recognize that the left is made up of supporters of the LIBERAL viewpoint which is a mental disorder! Because of this mental disorder which afflicts about 19% of the total population, all states will again begin building mental hospitals to house the liberals thus providing the free housing they see but at least they all will be together and can then live together. I can’t wait until some of the bitches from Hollywood’s elite move in and start bitching about the color of the steel bars on their windows and doors. Geeze, what you expect from brainless idiots anyway. I mean, how much brain power does it take to support something based upon lies? Anyone who is a liberal is mentally off as anyone not a liberal already knows. But this also applies to all who vote Dumbocrat and for people like the great Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters who doesn’t know which side she is suppose to oppose and which side she is suppose to support because she left her brains behind (I think she meant in her behind). Oh well, what’s new. Think of all the things these yo-yo’s complain about and not a single one of them matters in light of all the real problems people are working on to resolve, people like our GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, The Great and Wonderful. This yo-yo’s should leave legitimate business alone and go bug the headquarters of the Organization Against American Greatness otherwise known as Democratic Political Party for they are the ones bringing all the problems to the world. Try to imagine what a great world we would have here in America if there was no Democratic Party only the party that supports our GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, The Great and Wonderful. Everyone would be working and thus too busy to be causing issues and problems over NOTHING as the Democrats, oh, sorry Dumbocrats do daily. You want to know how utterly stupid those on the left are? Just turn on the VIEW and listen to the idiot and brainless women on there representing the left. Don’t worry, you will have no problem whatsoever identifying who is supporting the left and who is supporting all the rest of the world!

    • Tho

      I am a liberal and I find this cotton thing completely absurd. I am not mentally off just believe in treating everyone with respect and how’d I like to be treated. I find both liberals and conservatives do and say stupid things. Just my observation. Maybe if everyone would remember respect the world would be a much better place.

  • jammer

    only blacks pick cotton! How ludicrous.

    • Sistagfvee

      Without pay and whip marks on their body.

  • Kim Johnson

    Just another excuse for a protest just another excuse for someone to cry racism slaves picked cotton oh well they primed tobacco harvested vegetables as well as picked fruit. WTF ????? I don’t see you at the local convince store protesting cigarettes. I don’t recall a recent protest at the local food lion raising cain over the fresh fruits and vegetables I also don’t recall you protesting Pepsi cola’s use of real cane sugar in there throw back soda line remember slaves harvested that too. WTF ??? I’m so sick of hearing about racism this and racism that grow the hell up and spend your time protesting world hunger or protesting Iris acts of terrorism do something productive instead of crying about how your great great great grand pappy was wronged by those awefull white men. Guess what I picked cotton and primed tobacco as a child and it was against my will but you don’t hear Me crying about it i did so because I was made to by my grand parents to help there friends and neighbors at harvest time and I did so for very little money and because part of my pay was food in my belly and a roof over my head and you didn’t hear me crying about it every time I see some dumbass smoking a cigarette. Grow up you idiots a grow a pair and protest about some thing Thats relevant and something you actually have a chance of changing with your protests not something that happened 150 yrs ago and is old news GROW up and SHUT up!!!!!!!

    • Mike Fischer

      Amen!!!!! Preach it sister.

  • Teresa Harper

    Cotton is a commodity that also came thanks to the farming and picking of it by my parents that did not have nor ask help of Any person of another color. I am also certain that they were not the only ones. All of these discrimination and racists cries are a shame and disgrace to Every child in this world. Lead them in a better direction,BY EXAMPLE. I pray for All.

  • James Aud

    Calling all felines to protest the selling of “cat tails” in Hobby Lobby and othe stores.

  • Carla Campbell

    Glad I already bought my be bags!

  • Rachel Poole

    People should be glad their anscesters picked cotton…look where they are today..cotton pickers were hard workers…
    Good people too…both black and white… something this new generation doesn’t know about…l like decorative cotton and l like it on my christmas tree too. .good lord..they dug taters too …are we going to out law french fries….whats next

  • Faye Ross Fusting

    we picked cotton thats what bought our shoes and coats and clothes for school and the winter. I dont regret it at all we were poor and needed the money it ewas no more than hoeing tobacco what is wrong with these people?

  • Desertphile

    Please note that this “article” is fake: no such event happened.

  • Lorri

    Stop bring the foreign bibles into this! Just trying to get Hobby Lobby shut down! THIS IS BS AND FAKE!!!! WON’T BE SHARING

  • Ldedwards

    How about cucumbers and tomatoes? Ok to eat those? Think a good many illegals were paid scant wages so we could enjoy salads. You know what’s really really sad and pathetic? Fake sensitivity.

  • Thomas Reidenbach

    Hope they aren’t using cotton sheets, cloths that are cotton or buying meds that have cotton stuffed in the top.

  • RandyF

    “Cultural Appropriation”. Just what does that mean? I have heard it applied to hairstyles. Well, on our trip to Ocean City, we stopped at a Bojangles restaurant. Didn’t realize it at first but, we were the only light skinned people in the place. Anyway, there were probably about 7 or 8 young ladies that were just hanging out. Every one of them had stick, straight hair.I really don’t recall perfectly straight hair being culturally black. Could that have been appropriated from the White European Culture?

    Give me a break. Next one of these have nothing better to de idiots will call for the burning of cotton fields.

    You didn’t pick any cotton and I didn’t own any slaves. Time to get over yourselves and let’s move forward.

  • Marie

    People are nuts.

  • Stupid comes in all shapes and sizes. 67,000 of them were protesting about raw cotton. My ancestors raised and picked cotton among other farming products in Missouri. My mother and her sisters have spoken about the bloody fingers they had when picking time came around. As others have mentioned, picking cotton was always something that every one in the family, black white brown, anyone in the family or household participated in. It kept a roof over their heads and food on the table for starters.

    • Anniepi67

      My dad raised cotton. Gave us a house to live in and put food on the table. If we boycotted everything that might bring up the spectre of slavery, we would be boycotting just about everything. Idiots. And it gave those up picked it food for their families and a house to live in, too.

  • Tamers

    People like her are uneducated about any of this. She is getting HER 10 mins of fame though.

  • Janet

    I like this I have one and who cares where it came from. People you need to calm down and quit bitching about everything. I think half of you have lost your minds.

  • Lou Hewitt

    I picked cotton at my grandparents farm. And they did it because they liked to eat.

  • Jan

    Stop wearing or buying anything made of cotton, then you won’t have to boycott.

  • Deb

    Stand your ground Hobby Lobby. Handful of people who most likely have never set foot in your store. I believe the majority of reasonable people will continue to shop in your stores. If we continue to give in to ridiculous demands, then we become a participant in allowing extreme left actions to errode away our morals and ethics our founding fathers fought for. Please stand up against the destruction of America!

  • azchurchmouse

    Sick people….

  • Sigrid Wharam

    It makes a great décor. Stop giving in to these very sick ass holes.

  • Barbara N Chuck McCall

    you wear cotton shirts and pants

  • Janie Jennings Hall
    • Jane

      very pretty

    • BebeDahling

      That is beautiful. Mind if I copy your idea? I just have to buy some of that cotton!

    • Angela Means Kadingo

      Absolutely gorgeous!!! Reminds me of going to see my Grandmother who lived in Mississippi… who as a girl she picked cotton … and was of Anglo-American descent… I loved seeing the fields full of cotton.. like little bits of snow… I remember the first time that I saw it.. I was mesmerized that that was the way we got cotton!!! I then grew up to work in a Georgia cotton mill and saw a gin that was over 100 years old and would sit and eat lunch on a huge bale of cotton!!! Cotton is a commodity of life, a decor item, but we need cotton.. it has tons of applications!!!

  • Janie Jennings Hall

    There is nothing racist about this wreath.

  • backrow


    • Sharon

      She appears to be the offensive racist. We need to learn how to love one another again.

  • Anniepi67

    So I guess she will stop wearing cotton clothing, too!

  • Bill Gaudry

    What kind of imbecilic balderdash IS this?

  • rich

    ### People are so messed up today all I can say is God Help This Country

  • Vicky

    We’re cotton farmers and this is what offends me. She thinks cotton oppressed her people. Got a news break for her, long before there were slaves people picked cotton. We as farmers are who should protest, lookey Loos constantly stopping to take pictures standing in cotton, helping themselves to the ready plants so they can decorate with it. LOL. But we’re fine with it, glad people enjoy it.
    What does offend me is when people protest stupidly. Cotton didn’t oppress anyone, but if your going to protest cotton then let’s get real and protest the rest, black spirituals, watermelons, collards, cracklings, Aunt Jehmima syrup, welfare(it was started to take care of all the freed slaves), and the list can go on. Since we’re removing confederate statues we should remove Martin Luther kings statues while we’re at it they might offend someone.
    Washington politicians offend me can we remove a few of them?

  • Kathy Knop

    This must be a joke, if not, My grandmothers whole family planted cotton and also picked it in order
    To have a roof over their head and food on the table. My poor grandmother talked about how sharp the bols were and how often her fingers were cut by the bols.

  • Punge Pungitore

    I wonder if they go through there wardrobe. I’m curious to know how much is made out of cotton and if so do they not wear it anymore or did they go cotton free?

  • Bob Kincl

    As a white kid with ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE” I was in the fields picking cotton. Cotton is a precious plant so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a life. I picked cotton with blacks and Mexicans in the hot Texas sun carrying that long and heavy sack behind me.

  • Katt Runkles

    That’s bullshit. For one there are no slaves and 2, machines with white farmers harvested that shit! If anyone should be offended it should be the white American farmer that did the actual harvest!! Dip shit ignoramus!!

  • Alvin Ray Osten

    That’s BS! They aren’t slaves today in America! She’s had he 30 seconds of fame, let’s get back to real life issues…like NO respect foe America, it’s flag or leaders!!

  • Kelli J Moreno

    Hobby Lobby – I love you…. I’m on my way right now to buy some cotton and a bunch of other stuff!!!! There is no other place I’d rather go and spend my hard earned money….. seriously – walking out the door right now! <3

  • Kelli J Moreno

    Hobby Lobby – I love you…. I’m on my way right now to buy some cotton and a bunch of other stuff!!!! There is no other place I’d rather go and spend my hard earned money….. seriously – walking out the door right now! <3

  • Katt Runkles

    She need to remove her clothing that hypocrite! They are made of cotton!!! How dare she wear that. Of course if she was the one who went and picked it out of the field herself then I desist. Naturally it is not the case . So fuck off you idiot bitch! You probably don’t even know her own ancestry for that matter!!

  • Faye Supley

    Our world is becoming increasingly bizarre. To protest ‘raw cotton’ displays because of slavery? Surely you jest Daniell Rider!

    • Liz

      No. It’s a thing. People Are also boycotting Columbus Day tomorrow He supposedly transported slaves

  • Kimberlee Horbal

    Why are people so stupid. If Hobby lobby has to take it down then Target, Walmart, and every other store that has home decor have to as well. 😂😂😂 I find them pretty. It’s not like they have people going through “picking it”… it is decoration. If you don’t want it don’t buy it.

  • Spikelover

    My mama picked cotton all day in the hot sun dragging me behind her on a cotton sack while I was a baby. I,m a white privileged child of a cotton picker, I love seeing that in the stores. I think it’s beautiful.

  • Carbo

    67,000 boycotting? Their shoplifting losses should shrink considerably.

    • Debbie Starin

      I don’t believe that number for an instant. FAKE NEWS.

  • Doug Williams

    I suppose being on benefits and not working gives them lots of time to think up horse wallop !

  • catch22ifyoucan

    this is absurd…. some people are just unbelievably stupid

  • Sharon

    Stupid!!!!!!!!! Would never boycott Hobby Lobby. Quick looking for stuff to cry about.

    • Sharon

      Marla agrees with me 100 percent. We are going to boycott apples because the devil made her do it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Esther Olivarez

    BS!!…. This Ass Wipe!!…. needs a job or two, obviously this Liberal has too much time on her hands!…. I’M NOT BOYCOTTING HOBBY LOBBY!!

    • Linda

      nor am I, back in those days it considered a job, you picked cotton from the fields and got payed little or nothing but people were happy just to make some money. From what I understand it wasn’t easy to pick cotton, but it was a job and they did it. If you can’t find anything positive to say keep your cotton picking mouth shut.

  • Annie Love

    It’s time for every person to check his/her heart and see if they’re continuously be offended by every little thing. If you’re feeling squirmy, the problem is YOU! You need to grow up and realize that life is not all about you and your precious little feelings. GROW UP!

  • Sharon

    These fools just want someone to pay attention to them. Too much time on their hands. Volunteer somewhere, lady! Be of service instead of so wound up causing problems.

  • Phil Zentin

    I shop there when I need something,
    but now I will make sure to buy something everyday.
    Their stores are so clean and beautiful.

  • Anthony Ray Tirado

    Does this same person get offended every time they open a prescription bottle and find cotton at the top? Seriously, stop getting offended by every thing out there. How was the cotton that was on display harvested? Did it come from a past cotton field harvested by slaves? It looks well preserved if that is the case.

  • Ole White Dude

    I wonder if she wears cotton drawers. I picked cotton as a child. It was my first job that someone gave me money to do something. It wasn’t but 10cents a day, but I only picked a couple hours after school. If the sight of a cotton stalk offends someone, they’ve lived way to sheltered a life.

  • nancy Schneider

    People have lost the simplicity of life, it’s beauty it doesn’t have to mean anything, like a leaf is beautiful.

  • nancy Schneider

    i did too my friend and I, we lived in the country so worked, but we could ride are horses to town leave them at a friends they played with them and we watched a couple movies then rode home, picking cotton or baling hay didn’t mean black or white, weird anymore.

  • Ronald Kozielecki


  • Laurie Andrade

    This is a joke right! Unbelievable no words laughing with tears! Enough is enough now!!

  • gpsgail

    Our country is getting more and more ridiculous everyday. When is this crap going to stop!

  • Linda Brown

    Liberals are so full of hate that they keep making stupid accusations about things they know nothing about and they keep making fools out of themselves over and over because they can’t learn anything. Their hate keeps them blind to their foolishness. Hate destroys people and can make them go crazy.Way back in time both white and black picked cotton. Now almost all cotton is picked by machines. So the only blacks I know of picking cotton now are machines? If they are black. So is she fighting for machines? Slavery died a long time ago and we all need to get over it. It was wrong and bad but you cannot change the past and the past is dead and so are the people who live in the past. Even Jesus walked away from those who could not give up the past and said let the dead bury the dead. The only slaves around here are those who have enslaved themselves to their hate. They are unhappy people and need to get rid of their hate.

    • Yes! Obama started this BS. Voted in twice? I don’t understand how it was possible. The guy is a fraud and a sick man.

      • Ron Grosz

        Obamasick? Please do your research on thus man

  • Linda Brown

    It will not stop untill people stop breading hatred. The Dems in Washington, DC are the worst ones breading hate. They were so egotistical that they can’t get over the loss to a non-politican. Nor have they been able to get over the fact that the majority of the people cannot stand them nor the mess that they made.

    • Julie Hughes


    • Debbie Starin

      Breeding. Breading is what you do to a chicken cutlet.

  • Joyce Reynolds-Wall

    White folks picked cotton too! Stop with the foolishness and try to bring unity!!

  • Julie Hughes

    This is Bullshit and want to keep something going on . I PICKED COTTON AND I’M VERY MUCH WHITE TIRED OF ALL THIS SHIT

    • Sharon Addison

      This woman just wants to start some sh*t.l live in Georgia and white people grow and PICK cotton to this day.
      Get a life , I can assure you that she has never picked it

  • Jo Ann Dunn

    This is just getting out of hand with so called correctness. I went all my school years at a private parochial school and one of our projects was to obtain, handle and describe the use of raw cotton it was all part of our curriculum. It was considered a learning process – NOT – insulting to any one group.

    • Liz

      Me Too. I think I even remember us all getting a cotton bud when we were learning about slavery in 3rd grade

  • Pat Haaby

    I picked beans and strawberries all my young life in the NW and to this day I still love to eat both. Every year we had a blast in the fields with all my other friends. Sorry kids can’t experience that today. Why do people do this? Bitterness and anger will make you sick. They will feel better if they stop complaining and trying to run other people’s lives.

    • Charles

      We have a pack of 20 African-American slaves that work in a plant that we own in South Africa we actually keep them cuff to the tables when they’re working making clothing

  • Randy Davison

    Oh my goodness, I hope these people realize that this stuff is still grown and is a fall harvest along with corn and Milo. All three are common fall decorations for rural folks and farmers. These people however don’t have to go to hobby lobby and buy the decor. They just drive down the road and gather what they need out of their crops.

  • Nancy Nesbitt

    Get a life, Daniell, get a life. You are bordering on a dangerous psychosis and really need to get to a psychiatrist for help. Good luck, you head case.

    • Bill

      a Priest maybe….with a lot of Holy Water …..

  • Ronald Callis


    • Debbie Starin

      Slaves were not free to do anything they wanted. You know that!

  • Oscar Pearson

    Way to go Hobby Lobby – no support for the killing of babies.

  • Harold Lester-Center

    get a life woman !!! REALLY PLEASE GET HELP

  • Kimmer

    I bet all of those protesters wear cotton!

    • Sharon

      My thought exactly. I wonder if they will give up their cotton denim jeans and cotton t-shirts?

  • katherine

    I like the cotton bush. It’s quite pretty and reminds me of the cotton fields in the country and my uncle’s peanut farm. We little girls would get to ride on his big mare (3 and 4 of us at a time) and then the men would boil those fresh peanuts. hummm hum!

  • Sharon

    My mother and her siblings and her parents all picked cotton. All were poor white sharecroppers. They all hated it, but with little or no education and living in rural Mississippi, you had to do something to survive. My grandfather died in his 50’s…I always thought from so much hard work. Farming back then was really hard work, with no farm machinery to help you had to do everything by hand and all the kids had to work in the fields too. I can remember hearing my grandmother talk about all the bugs in the cotton fields and wearing long sleeves and high necks with hats to work in the fields, so their skin wouldn’t tan. (It was the fashion back then to have soft, white skin and they tried their hardest!). My uncles entered the service to get away from farming and they expanded on the skills they learned in the armed forces after they got out to keep from having to go back to that way of life to earn a living.

    • Kia kahay

      This is nuts ha Walmart sells cotton fabric in the sheets or foot or yard back beside the electronics department in the craft Department on Wendover Avenue Greensboro also any Basic clothing store like piece Goods or anything like that would have it too ,some idiot must have started that protest didn’t do much research on who sales it also apparently

  • Kia kahay

    You know what’s funny Walmart sells cotton fabric in the sheets or foot or yard back beside the electronics department in the craft Department on Wendover Avenue Greensboro also any Basic clothing store like piece Goods or anything like that would have it too ,some idiot must have started that protest didn’t do much research on who sales it also apparently

  • Jennifer Caisse

    OK I think I have decided that people just want to be mad and if theres nothing to be mad about they will make something up. This is just dumb and honestly if its true it makes them look ignorant.

  • Patricia Harrington

    It is time to stop all this crying and grow up. You have a problem with America, go back to Africa, or were ever your andsestor ‘s came from. Clearly you want to live there past life’s. You are all about whining that you, and your past relatives are not excepted as Americans. That you should somehow be treated better then American people because ages ago, there were people that offered housing,and food to African people. These men and women had nothen. They worked on their farms back ages ago. Back ages ago white men, and Indian both traded work, and food to each other. However work between them, were thought of as fair trade. Grow up, Slaves as you put it, had roofs, clothes, and food. Fair trade people. They were taken care of for their work. If you want to be treated like one of us stop acting like you deserve better then any of us.Start acting like a neighbor, not like someone that we should bow to! Because guess what? We are not bowing to you.

    • Debbie Starin

      There is absolutely no reason to remove the cotton from Hobby Lobby. It’s used for decorating purposes and is kept amongst all the fake flowers and plants. HOWEVER: Calling people who were kept involuntarily and treated horribly (overworked, beatings, hangings, separation of families, sexual victimization, etc.) participants in “fair trade” is the grossest and most ignorant rationalization I’ve heard in my entire life. I can’t believe you have come up with such an abhorrent explanation for slavery. UNBELIEVABLE! I just can’t fathom your brain chemistry.

  • hcc2009

    Where does she think cotton comes from now? Petroleum? Oops that would be verboten as well. Maybe she thinks elves make it. No way that would be cruel to the elves. Most likely 12-year-old girls in India are picking it now. But these folks don’t care about that.

  • Bill

    Hobby Lobby is a cool place……don’t need you “protester types” in there shopping anyways…..sadly mistaken if you think this helps your fake cause……everyday drives you farther back to the dark ages,,,,,,bwaaahahahaha…..

  • Leah

    So I guess everyone who is offended by this product, doesn’t wear cotton made clothes, right? You can’t have it both ways. Get over it!!!

  • Theresa Kipper Hall

    The cotton decor is found in all home decor stores and it is also sold in Wal-Mart. The only reason that this is ‘news’ is because Hobby Lobby is a Christian business.

  • valhallableu

    It’s beyond out of control. Where was the outrage of this “decoration” a year ago, two years ago. Absolutely no where. I think if these people are so outraged over cotton as a decoration, then they better go through their homes with a fine tooth comb. Let’s put this into perspective, couch stuffings might be cotton, pillows, blankets, bags of cotton, make up puffs (possibly), jeans, T-shirt’s, and I can go on and on. So if you’re protesting a “cotton” decoration, you need to look in the mirror because your hypocrisy is showing.

  • Randy Pye

    If you will look closely, this is not cotton, but a decoration made to look like cotton. The cotton fiber has been replaced with cotton balls that can be purchased by the bag at any drug or grocery store. The cotton fiber is too perfect and contains no seeds. The cotton burrs are too close together on the stalk and the stalk also appears to fabricated. Believe me, if a cotton farmer could get that kind of money for unstripped ” cotton by the stalk ” your cotton shirts and underwater would cost much more.

    • Chessie

      yer right!

  • marylou

    Can’t fix stupid liberals.

  • Pam Groff

    This is nuts, just like the people perpetrating it. Let’s take away their cotton underwear and see how they react. Cry babies in adult clothing. Ridiculous!

  • suzy diamond

    REALLY???? OMG! Some People are TRULY NUTS! Get a life and MOVE ON!

  • Barb Boedeker

    gotta be fake news….can’t be 67,000 people that nuts……

  • Wanda McLean
    • Wanda McLean

      I find this last one Sexist

  • Fred

    Americans are sick of this liberal crap. What about Hobby Lobby’s right to free speech and freedom of religion. This response by liberals just sent Jahovas Witness down to number 2 on the annoyance list.

  • Stella Pilbeam Bilyeu

    This is one of the stupidest things. It seems that people in this country are going crazy. I bet if you took them one by one and really looked at them. I’ll bet most of them are wearing something made of cotton. I grew some cotton in a big flower pot once . Just because I thought it was pretty! I think something must be missing in their brain.

  • daschupp

    This is way past ridiculous!!!

  • Peltonmj

    I’m a crafter. I shop at Hobby Lobby all the time.

  • Barb Gibson

    Boycott, no way, it’s only cotton snowflakes! Cotton wasn’t only picked by black people!

    • Robert Strong

      Not true, White people like my Grandfather, Mother, Grandmother, & Uncle, picked Cotton on their small FARM in Texas. Fact: We White people were the 1st slaves on Earth. We, just l earned I guess!

  • Ray Gebhardt

    That’s a lot BS by some crazy’s…. I will continue to shop there…..

  • Marie Parish Weathers

    I think all of the people threatening to boycott need to wake up and realize no one in this country has picked cotton for a good long while. White people picked cotton also and made virtually nothing, but got fed and sometimes that was enough.

  • Bette Dooley Kirchgatter

    hahaha…let them go clothes less also~~!!! dim and dumb

  • Edward Simons

    I guess I am a little thick headed. What is wrong with some branches of a cotton plant in a vase? It is no different than some tree branches in a vase, or some flowers. Stupid people being offended over nothing. Quit making everything about race and prejudice.

  • Jeanne Bailey

    My family made their livelihood on a cotton farm in east Texas. They picked it themselves they did not have slaves. Thousands and thousands of WHITE people picked cotton to survive. Lots of white people were poor and starving just trying to get by.

  • Jane Shelley


  • juco42


  • Rita Goulet

    Looks like a lot of snowflakes need to get over themselves. Cotton has been around a lot longer than they have.

  • Frances Lyons

    When someone thinks up something to fuss about,I bet the idiots standing with their
    Signs never thought about this ,jump on bandwagon,if they did not show their picture
    All would go home ,after they bought a little something ,slipping back in store. ,lol

  • Joyce York Dallman

    You can’t fix stupid! It’s not gonna keep me out of Hobby Lobby!

  • Sandra Carlton

    These people do know (I hope) that machines pick cotton in 2017 NOT slaves?! Also how many of these idiots are wearing clothes made out of cotton? Gosh the stupidity! Oh, by the way, I went out and bought this offensive item to support Hobby Lobby.

  • Jenifer Parker

    grow up liberals.

  • Daniel Martin

    What does she know about being a slave,..except to her own racism. Leave the raw cotton.I am about ready to put my 1 of a kind tire depicting the confederate Flag atop my vehicle with a big middle finger telling all these uneducated black racists to frack off

  • Daniel Martin

    And I will purchase these items this season as well. I mean,..how many chances do we get to have raw cotton in the house?

  • Mary Permenter Sharp

    Your clothing comes from cotton I don’t see you crying about being able to cover your a****. Go crawl under a rock.. You people are idiots. Always crying about something. And when I say you people.. it’s whomever is stand out there with signs, complaining, more.. heck you keep this mess up.. we all are going to go back to slavery.

  • Tina Braun

    this is so hilarious..

  • 51jclar .

    You know with out cotton the liberals bear hind ends would be exposed. Thank God for cotton other wise we all be wearing gunny sacks as underwear and I am sure all our hind ends would be sore and raw. OUCH! ..lol!

  • mo

    Really? wtf is wrong with this and what is wrong with people today?

  • Amy Wagner

    I think they need to educate themselves. They weren’t the only poor people that pick or pulled cotton. They just want to cause trouble. Stick with your ideas. God bless. That was many many years ago.

  • Jeff Baxter

    Scenario: hello, is this “hire a crowd?” Yes, i need 50 dummies who dont know which way is up, to protest — no, no, the dont need to know why.

  • Sam Saltal

    This has got to be the dumbest protest yet. I guess clothing stores should all be protested to because they have cotton clothes in them. These peopkle need to get some common sense

  • Rosa Flores

    Guess since I am Mexican I should complain about tomatoes in the stores.. So beyond stupid.

  • Lottie Whitaker

    There is no common sense for the libs….they just want to cause a problem everywhere….I will still shop at Hobby Lobby whether they like it or not.

  • Marlene Faust McBee

    Just get yourself a BIBLE and read it… YOU will find out a lot of great information YOU probably do NOT know… Just live and let live…

  • Florence Raines

    so stupid

  • David Kirk

    How many clowns does it take to make raw cotton famous…

  • Susan M Gould

    This Is so stupid. I use cotton to rub oil on my skin, to give shots to my husband and cotton Q-Tips to clean all sorts of things, I have cotton sheets and cotton clothes and I don’t see you all upset about that. It’s been on store shelves for decades and I’m NOT going to stop buying it just because it’s cotton. I’m an American Indian and have multicultural family and In no way prejudice, I just like the feel of cotton. Please get over it.

  • Tammie Black

    I wonder if they wear any clothes that are made out of cotton? Bet they do and dont think twice about it. So sick of this “POOR ME” SHIT. You know what, you already have affirmative action, you have jobs that test are eaiser for you, you have employers that have to hire your ass over someome with more experience than you and so on. So i don’t want to hear how “OPPRESSED” you are or how “RACIST” everyone else is, when BLACKS are the MOST RACIST AROUND. Or hear about REPARATION because maybe someone in your past eas a slave. Well, you know what, there were a hell of a lot more white slaves before your ass were slaves. Just go back to the biblical times and see how many Hebrews and Jews were slaves. Don’t blame me for your OWN KIND selling your ass from Africa to make money and there were more black slave owners than white. But don’t get me wrong, the white man played a roll in it as well. Im just tired of hearing about all your troubles, I’ve got ENOUGH of my own. Its time to move on. Racism was almost nil until that POS MUSLIM TRAITOR THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER HELD THE OFFICE OF POTUS BROUGHT IT BACK TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE, BUT THERE’S A DIFFERENCE, THE DIFFERENCE NOW IS IT’S REVERSED. BLACKS HATE WHITES. AND LIKE I SAID, THAT POS TOOK IT BACK 100 yrs.

    • Suzanne Marie Roach

      Tammie Black, Well said my dear…thank you for the history lesson.

      • Sharyle Solis

        AMen to all of that. Black Lives Matter? Well, so do Hispanic Lives, Asian Lives, Native American Lives. All the black friends I’ve ever had in my entire 73 years have never acted like these people these days. But then, they never asked for anything to be handed them either, they got off their asses, worked, studied, exceeded and were able to be proud of themselves for THEIR accomplishments. Go do the same you idiots!!!!

  • Arleen Coburn Haynes

    I will make it a point to find the nearest Hobby Lobby and shop till I drop to support them….A good Christian company!! The rest of you idiots can stuff a cotton ball up your nose!!!

  • Julie A. Martin

    How stupid, make it out to be what it’s not!!! Winy asses!

  • John Stefaniak

    May be the person who started this shit go pick some I’m getting tired off you don’t like it GTFO

  • Donna MacMorran

    well, that is 67,000 trouble makers that won’t come to their stores!

  • Donna Kenchel

    Get a life. There are so many more important things to protest about. You all are a bunch of racist. What is wrong with cotton.

  • Suzanne Marie Roach

    Where or when does all this ridiculous sensitivity end. A display of cotton is offensive? WOW…My only response to this would be “Quit making mountains out of molehills.” Live in the present and learn from and let go of the past.

  • Carlito Solis

    Those boycotting hobby lobby never shop at the store


    So over these nit wits

  • Vicki Rogers

    Keep fighting hobby lobby

  • Ron Mullins

    So it happened I say get over it already and without cotton we would be naked as a young girl I picked potatoes and worked on a tobacco farm .

  • Kent Taylor

    If leftists don’t like it, they don’t have to shop in Hobby Lobby. I purchase there from time to time and find nothing offensive about the store I shop in. It’s become a joke. If they would start carrying electronic parts for my hobby, I would probably shop more. I’m pretty fed up with all the crap from the left in this country. I turned off the TV long ago. Time to finish it and start deleting the garbage on social media. Wait….I already have. Have a great day and GOD BLESS AMERICA….

  • Mary L. Boyd

    This person lacks a lot in the reality area!! She wears cotton clothes??? I picked cotton from the time I could carry a “sack” made out of a cloth 5# sugar sack. I am white and Daddy had all of us helping him. This was a way to help feed us and buy what we had to have. She needs to quit playing on the “poor little black slave” bit and know that “poor little whites” picked cotton and proudly contributed to our family. Get a life and be American…instead of black….we are all Americans….

  • Val Jean Loewenstein

    for petes sake you people need to get a life

  • Renee Garlen

    find someone to criticize about world hunger, domestic violence, clean water around the world, or Human trafficking. Do something constructive. I feel disgusted and torment over Halloween witch and other grotesque costumes because of my history but I avoid them and do something constructive with my efforts.

  • Mike Curry

    I picked cotton and I’m white. Gee, I guess I’m supposed to be offended by the display…. NOT.

  • Carol Odle

    Why would anyone be offended by cotton??? I love cotton!!! This stupid stuff needs to stop!! The good LORD put cotton here for our use and I love cotton clothing.

  • Harriet

    Lord, the time is coming when everything will be offensive. I personally bought one of these from my grocery store. They fit right in with my decor. PLEASE PEOPLE DON’T GIVE INTO THESE WHINERS. SMALL DIPPY GROUP AFFECTS MILLIONS. SAD. SHE IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS! Please let us be free Ryder.

  • Sharon Wilson

    I am pretty certain that none of those complaining were ever a slave. Just like no one in the current world (excluding those in the human trafficking trade) have ever owned a slave! Blacks need to stop making EVERYTHING about them and being BLACK! Ya’ll are the only ones who think you are that important and feel everything white people do is to annoy or put down black people! Get over yourselves, we don’t find you THAT important or interesting! Sometimes a piece of cotten is just a piece of cotten!

  • David Miller

    I truely believe this is the stupidest thing I,ve ever heard. it’s a decoration that holds no racial statement. These snowflakes need to grow up and move on., Not everything is racially motivated. It’s time to stop being Stupid and listing to the idiotic Democrates.

  • Usunder

    I love Hobby Lobby. Take a good hard look https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/88d062e17785ab7dd9c5c9ed04b26fde5ba216165cdf589ba768aaeb4be70744.jpg we are white and we picked cotton for a living how can it be call racist?
    Only the racist bigots go around picking up and pick out our heritage and call it racist. It was our way of survival. I owe no man nothing and no man owes me anything.
    Only the ignorant tries to lives in the past a passed they have never lived through. Until you walked in the shoes of a real cotton farm you have no room to talk, and if you did you can be proud of the fact you earned a honest living same as my family did hard but honest.

  • Eva Ferguson

    This is pathetic don’t these people have anything else better to do with their time oh my God this political correctness.its got to stop

  • Eva Ferguson

    I am offended because you’re offended, I think someone didn’t get a lot of love as a child someone needs some therapy serious

  • Laura Misiewicz Inman

    I am so sick and tired of people being so petty!!!! Have you, yourself ever been a slave??? I DON’T THINK SO!!!! People need to learn to grow up and get over themselves. So what, you don’t like it, or don’t agree with it….THEN LEAVE IT ALONE AND WALK AWAY!!!! You may like your dress, and I may despise it. It may look good on you, but it would make me look like an old bag lady or something. AGREE TO DISAGREE. IF YOU DON’T LIKE SOMETHING DON’T PURCHASE IT, IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!

  • David Weckwerth

    this is a bunch of crsp… it is not offensive , and was not intended to be

  • Mary Beninato

    Am I to believe that those that are offended by a display of cotton, don’t wear cotton clothing? I am so sick of people being offended by just about every thing. Next there will be those that will demand that chocolate be removed because they are offended by that it is brown. I’m sick of all ” it offends me, so remove it or do away with it”

    • Lily Strickland

      White chocolate is delicious also please don’t remove neither
      Of them how would I get my chocolate fix.

  • P Ferguson

    I don’t care about this crap. need to go to work and pay my bill, to care of the children. etc.

  • Daune Brown


  • AZJackalope

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Be prepared for the ignorant morons that truly believe this is racist try to ban all cotton clothing, certain colors off of a crayon box, ban black dresses and all black coloring from furniture, clothes, ban chicken, watermelon and all foods they think looks racist. There is definitely something wrong with these people.

  • Nancy Jeanne Olsen Zins

    Some of my best friends, who are Caucasian, picked cotton as children, along with their parents. They had to, to make a living. They grew their own veggies, & picked cotton. Racist, my foot! Such ignorance! And Stupidity!

    • Lana Smyer

      I agree with you!

  • orion58

    Yeah well remember the University students who utterly collapsed in abject terror and probably peed themselves because somebody found a banana peel in a tree?

    • swishmeister

      I’ve never heard of that one. They actually did that? REALLY? OMG!

  • Denise Mitchell Lindquist

    I tell you what.. all those that say raw cotton offends them.. see how many things they wear or use that has cotton in it.. take it away from them and see how they feel then, probably naked and no sheets or towels.. Now we wouldn’t want the cotton to offend them in clothing, linens, towels, etc..

  • Trooper77

    The Delusional Leftists are so full of Hate and Racism they don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore and they don’t even care. No wonder they can’t even buy elections anymore.

  • lorenvpf

    Nothing like being surrounded by delusional idiots. Now it’s cotton. Next is going to be “nipples” on a baby bottle because it is sexually orientated. But it will get better, the delusional idiots will submit the infants should drink out of a cup or even a “sippy cup” because neither one has nipples. My question is, what rock did those clowns crawl from?

  • Elaine Pelletier

    Whoever is boycotting Hobby Lobby is just plain NUTS!

  • Karla Mckee

    I think you should just grow up. People need to stop trying to find the dumbest things to get a reaction out of people. you have to much time on your hands. Get a better hobby.

    • Mark S. Minnick

      if blacks are bitching about cotton they should bitch about cars blacks make them too !!!!

  • Mike

    I’d have stripped naked and yelled, “THERE, I got rid of all my cotton. Are you happy now?”

  • Curtis Wollam

    I’ve thought long and hard about this situation since it first arose, and the only thing I can thing of, is, she should be happy someone else had picked it, and not her. Or is she mad because Hobby Lobby took away her opportunity to actually pick cotton? It’s not real cotton anyway….it’s fabricated.

    • pbosko

      That is not fabricated cotton.

      • Sherry

        How do you know that

        • pbosko

          Because I worked in the agriculture industry for 15 years in California’s central valley and I have been in many cotton fields and I know what cotton looks like.

          • Paula McGee

            I have picked cotton in my youth. This decoration is made to look like actual cotton, but it is manufactured. The “cotton” will not come out of the bolls.

  • BarefootBoy1

    Folks, CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MANY IDIOTS ARE COMING FROM EVERYWHERE???!!! THERE IS N O T H I N G WRONG WITH THIS DISPLAY OF STALKS OF RAW COTTON!!! Upset Negroes need to go to Africa to see how they would be living if Tribal Leaders had not sold their Ancestors to Slave Traders!!!!

  • Mary Rose Bethell Didomizio


    • yogiman

      Sorry, they don’t know who is to blame. Their vocabulary is so short they don’t understand black enemies captured their enemies and sold them as slaves to slave traders who sold them as slaves where ever they could get their money.

      Slavery come to USA after black slave owners existed in America.

      And I question how many of the black people of the USA today can prove any of their ancestors were slaves in the USA. They just keep wanting all the handouts they can get… and too many of our politicians are so willing to hand it out to them because it isn’t coming out of their pockets.

  • Linda Zifchock

    Are we still talking about this, get over it people, Cotton is beautiful and the fabric of our lives!

    • Sherry

      Cotton is the fabric of our lives and people are to sensitive these days. Leave it alone and let’s all just get on with life. QUIT making everything a BIG deal.

  • Woodwind

    John Deere picks cotton.

  • Loree-Andy Quinn

    I know several people who grew up picking cotton who are not black.

    • pbosko

      My father grew up picking cotton and he is white.

  • Elaine Golden

    This is totally ridiculous. Have you ever seen cotton in a field? It is beautiful. I love cotton wreaths at Christmas. For those of you boycotting the bottle of cotton why don’t you quit wearing clothes made of cotton, drying off with towels and using wash cloths, sleeping on sheets, using q-tips, gauze and many other things. Get over yourselves. It has nothing to do with racism, it is a way of life in America. I love Hobby Lobby and all they stand for!

  • Sarah Given Frazer

    Oh for crap’s sake people, get over yourselves. This boycott is just way beyond ridiculous.


    Who cares…too many other things, more important in this world to worry about!!

  • Joyce Fowler Phillips

    Ii am a “white” person, daughter of a share cropper, who picked and chopped cotton from the age of 3 until I graduated high school. I’m very proud of my heritage and in fact have some cotton in my home just as a memory of my childhood. Unless you were raised in that same way, you need to get a life. If people who actually worked the fields want to protest that’s a different story. It saddens me that people have come to this. A lesson learned from my past is how to actually work!!!

    • Opinari

      Scary that so many up and coming college students have degrees in liberalism and ignorance, rather than an actual degree where they have to use their brains. Scary, that they are going to run our country eventually. They appear to be ‘yes’ men (as in human) as they don’t have to think. Therefore, they spew the pap they are fed.

  • Leann Jupina

    I’m white from the south and know many WHITE women that picked cotton as a young child or teen to help the family. I guess they should boycott all cotton products. Lol let’s see how many have a closet full of cotton clothing.
    Get a damn life and move the hell on

    • Opinari

      These present day liberals do not know how to think. They can only spew what their inadequate brains can handle, which is totally lacking in common sense or logic. They find fault with much, which ‘includes’ them, but they feel they are exonerated of such, due to their feigning support of caring.

  • Margie Gwaltney

    People need to grow up and get a life.

  • Opinari

    Hahahaha…what a jerk she is. Hope she gets rid of any of her clothing and household items that are made with ‘any %’ of cotton. How ignorant and stupid can anyone get?

    WARNING: Stay away from liberalism carriers, it may be contagious and appears there is no known cure. Your brain atrophies and mouth regurgitates stupidity.

  • Dale P. Powell

    What is wrong with that idiot? She should go back to wearing soft cotton underwear and get rid of those itchy, scratchy wool undies that obviously are causing her extreme discomfort and sensitivity…

  • Russell

    I stand with Hobby Lobby 100% I’m sick and tired of the liberals finding fault in everything. If your against Hobby Lobby dump all your cotton clothes bath towels and what ever and stay out of their stores.

  • Denise Fishman

    this world is filled with stupid idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Melvin

    The left is made up of sensitive idiots! I stand with Hobby Lobby!

  • Sharon Tucker

    Some people will boycott over anything. I guess she has no clothing or household items made of cotton. Not only the slaves picked cotton !! I think that the item at Hobby Lobby would look beautiful in an arrangement or any other decor. There are so many things going on that we seriously have big problems in this country. So quit acting like your offended because of a decoration cause people will think they are pretty and purchase it. Odds are you’re just trying to gain something or getting people hurt , because that usually happens.

  • yogiman

    I’m afraid the “lady” is exposing her ignorance. There has never been such a thing as a “African-American” slave. I even question who is a official African-American citizen.

    She needs learn who the first slave owner was in America… and he wasn’t a white man.

    She should read “9 things about slavery they don’t want you to know”.

  • Patricia Barnes Massey

    Unbelievable! Does these idiots know what their protesting and running their mouth about is in over 100 precent of things they have and use in their homes?
    Let’s start with what they use every month, it’s made of cotton
    Ear Swabs
    Cotton Balls
    Hospitals use tons of things made of Cotton
    Maby they should stop using all these things if their going to protest against Cotton being shown the way it looks before it’s picked.
    What is racist is them who continues to try and find something to spread more hate and divide as this.
    You cannot tell me you have that many protesting against something as stupid as this who uses this daily.
    Their are plenty more things awarness needs voiced, untill something is done.
    Children dieing with diseases
    Breast Cancer
    Other Cancers
    A and much more
    Why don’t you use the time spent on stupid things like this display and make a difference.
    Javing something like this on display isn’t offensive, or racists
    People like you going after something like this is offensive, racists, and spreading more hate and divide.

    • Pam Richardson

      Patricia massey well said…………

  • Steve White

    That’s not the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, but it’s very close!

  • It is now picked by machines….duh!!! I like the look of it and would add it to any fall arrangement. My dad was from North Carolina and our family never owned one person in slavery. As a matter of fact, my daddy remembers picking cotton and tobacco right beside his brothers and cousins when he was a child during the 1930s. Cotton is a beautiful plant and an even more wonderful fiber for clothing, insulation and more.

  • Sidney Benson

    picked cotton as a young man and am 100% Anglo… This is so much BS.

  • Thomas Mitchell

    I picked cotton as a young child, and man!! I am German Indian!! It doesn’t offend me!! If you don’t like it!!!, turn your durn head!! Blacks are bitching and raising hell!!!, but they are wearing cotton clothes!! Pure stupidity!!

  • Donna Calloway

    get real people it just cotton .You r not picking it.

  • Johnny

    Somebody stirred the idiot pool again. My mother and sisters along with many aunts and cousins chopped cotton in SE Missouri when I was a boy. I carried water for them as needed. We ate lots of potted meat sandwiches on white bread in those days. But guess what — other than being well tanned from the sun we were all Caucasians. Imagine that.

    • Ronald Arnce


    • Pam Richardson

      Johnny I love potted meat sandwiches……..Use to eat them at my cousins all the time….and these people need to stop and think what their clothes are made of……..

  • JerryandDixie Kooienga

    send this chick to the loony bin .

  • Sidney Bailey

    More whites picked cotton than blacks ever did. Only 1.9 percent of the population were slave owners. A pretty low percentage if you ask me.

  • Sherry Ingram Herndon

    The only reason Hobby Lobby is coming under fire is because it is a christian owned and operated store. I love Hobby Lobby and will continue to shop there. Cotton, or no cotton.

  • Ronald Arnce

    I have picked cotton it does not offend me I am white and cotton is very decorative

  • Irish1025

    Utterly RIDICULOUS. I was twelve years old getting ready to turn thirteen years old and I picked cotton for fifty cents an hour which was paid to my parents all the people in the field working with me was WHITE so PLEASE tell me how does she consider cotton to be racist? Sorry but I call B*!! $h!+ on her.

  • Barbararobert Heron

    It’s people who bring this up that are racist and living in the past,

  • Barbararobert Heron

    People should pick up books and learn about history etc instead of protest signs and don’t know a dam thing.

  • Julie Thomas

    Oh Please, really, it is Natural Cotton. Get over your selves. I think your stupid for thinking this has anything to do with racial inequality. It is a Cotton Plant, for Gods sake! Get control of your emotions.

  • Nancy Isbill

    I am not offended at all, I am not African American, I am a 77 year old white women, that had to pick cotton to buy my school clothes. We didn’t have cotton, we didn’t have a farm. None of my relatives that did have cotton on their land never used African Americans, their children and people that was paid by the pound picked cotton. I have never been prejudice or a bigot, when you can’t have cotton decoration because someone ancestors was brought her over 200 years ago, that is sad. It’s time people began to be thankful for what their ancestors had to endure for them to have the live they have today.

  • Keith Kieffer


  • Glenna Estepp

    This is and has to stop somewhere folks. This lady needs to read her history books. 200 hundred years ago is just what it is …200 yeaes ago. She is just lookinf for her 15 min. Of fame and to stir the oot a little thicker. Im offended by the way they think we owe them something. Persons out there like her wants to stir uo the hate and if they continue on this path they are on im afraid it will get really ugly real quick. I guess she just needs to go thru her home and throw everything away that is made of cotton. Its easy to tell how educated she is.

  • Becca J Maciorowski

    Good, bad or indifferent, there will ALWAYS be someone who will take offense to any and everything.

  • Brenda Witt

    ONLY a diseased brain can come up with this stuff… they have no hope of ever returning to reality they have been away so long..!

  • Suzan Walker Spurlin

    Anyone who would boycott over something like this is too stupid to keep themselves alive!

  • Mimi212

    This is totally ridiculous! My (white) SIL used to grow a little cotton just for the purpose of decorating or stuffing one of her many creations! It had NOTHING to do with slavery or other things of THAT ERA! When is this horse s**t going to stop? I’m truly sorry for the generations that suffered BACK IN THE DAY. It was wrong and I’m glad they put a stop to it! But, COTTON WAS THE MATERIAL, NOT the master!!

  • soretoes

    get your facts straight! Hobby Lobby did not refuse to pay for birth CONTROL. They refused to pay for the morning after pill which is an abortifacient. Their medical plan pays for 14 different forms of birth contro.

  • soretoes

    Also tobacco was huge southern commodity

  • Pat Barnard-Stewart Nolen

    This is nothing but bullshit. We grew cotton back in the day and my white ass was out there picking cotton and pulling Boles. School even let out for two weeks here in the South in October to get the harvest in. Get over it! I bet your ass has never even seen a field of cotton growing. Ridiculous.

  • George Cowfer

    NO boycott….. I ,am so tired of the blacks, starting up raceisem every day!!!! Get a life and stop blaming the white people, for all the PAST SLAVERY. That was the past!!! We today didn’t have nothing to do with that!!!! Get a life!!!! Leave that store, and every one else alone!!!

  • Bridgitte Wright

    My Grandma picked plenty of cotton. As well as my Mother and Aunt. I grew up picking
    and spiking tobacco. I don’t get why every little thing by so many is the color
    of skin. So ridiculous, I mean really. Stop fussing about anything and
    everything. We would be so much better as a country to do more constructive
    things and work on harmony among ourselves.

  • Ila Mansfield-Hittle

    Hey Rider, go get a life. It’s only a display. What’s going to be next the cotton fields. Your nothing but a cry baby whiner. I will not boycott Hobby Lobby, in fact tomorrow I will be going to one and enjoying every minute of it.

  • Mary Segura Williams

    More than likely, she has never seen a cotton field, it is no longer picked by hand, it is picked by machines. I am a white woman, 75 years old and I had a heat stroke in the cotton field when I was 10 years old. Lady, keep your mouth shut about picking cotton, it was not only slaves that suffered from being in a cotton patch.

  • SB Busboy

    More PC craziness. So many people who are simply divorced from reality…

  • tim m


  • Glen Saunders

    Rider I’m sure you can find another country to live in. Try North Korea they will eat your idea’s up….

  • Sharon Soileau

    My father was not a slave, just a poor white boy who picked cotton to make some extra pocket change.
    To all the people who are constantly looking for things to bitch about, GET A LIFE and find something worthwhile to voice your opinions over.
    Today’s society has absolutely nothing to do with what happened 200 years ago nor can it be changed.
    Learn to deal with it and be a productive member of society instead of a chronic complainer

    • Sabine Kaluza-Lyons

      Well said and exactly correct. History is what it is, there are horriffic things done to all races of people throughout history and nothing can change that. But to constantly try to rehash it and look at every tiny thing as a reminder and as a validation of something other than what it actually is – is ludicrous and causes the hatred to stay fresh and unwarranted in this day and age. No one that did any of that is alive today. No slave was used to pick the cotton. It is just sticks of cotton used for decoration. Period. It doesn’t mean anything. It isn’t meant to imply anything. It is a natural thing of beauty created in Nature used for decorating and for making our clothing and many things in our daily life. People need to stop looking for trouble in every little thing and corner and reading things into things where there is nothing to be read and this world would be a much more loving place to live in.

  • Anita Horak

    My grandparents and all 10 of their children planted and picked cotton. Never owned another human and built a business by their own sweat and blood. So sick of this B’s..

  • bernie hatfield

    So If 67,000 are Boycotting Hobby Lobby then where are they getting their Supplies?????

    I smell a BS Story. My Family Also worked the Fields back then.

  • Donna Hart

    Let me guess her nationality, Um Black? figures they are the only nationality that keeps on complaining over EVERYTHING! GET A LIFE!

  • Maureen

    My ancestors were not slaves, just a poor white people who picked cotton to make some extra pocket change.

    To all the people who are constantly looking for things to bitch about, GET A LIFE and find something worthwhile to voice your opinions over.

    Today’s society has absolutely nothing to do with what happened 200 years ago nor can it be changed.

    Learn to deal with it and be a productive member of society instead of a chronic complainer

  • Tony Lee

    i have picked cotton and guess what i am white

  • Terry Roberts

    Hey lady, I believe cotton in now picked mostly by machines. And there were also many white sharecroppers back in the day that had to pick their own cotton or hire it done and didn’t care if they paid blacks or whites to do it as long as it got done. We are not living in slavery, but why do you want to put us back there with every little thing. that is supposedly racist to you. Get a life woman isn’t there something other you can do with your life than bitch about a decoration? Is that all you do is go to stores to find bullshit like this?

  • Cheryl Bass

    My husband picked cotton. He’s not offended. He just doesn’t want to pick any more of it! Lol

  • Kim Ropchan Puchniarz

    Well now we know that there is at least 67,000 people that have been indoctrinated instead of educated!!

  • Norma Wells

    I think the bitch is crazy as hell

  • Mitchell Pesicka

    There is nothing wrong with raw cotton on the shelves you should be pissed at people that put cotton in pill bottles because then they can remember what it was like to pick cotton before dealing drugs

    • Frances Lyons

      Southern living magazine decorated with Cotton Dec issue ,love it

    • Randy Galat

      you sir,are a wit! wish i were half the wit you are! no,wait,that seems to have come out wrong…

  • Darkman

    Please leave a cotton below and let me know what you think!

  • Ceneth Dianne Clark Keyes

    A lot of kids and some adults have no clue where cotton comes from. Great learning experience I’d say.

  • Ruth Anne Telford

    Wouldn’t bother me. I have never entered this store and never will. To take the company to the Supreme Court because they are too cheap to pay for birth control for their employees. Then jump on the old ‘religious exception’ bandwagon. I guess we know what great Christian values the people who are on the band wagon exhibit. They aren’t Christian and they have no American values. If I never had supplies for needlework or any other hobby, I’ll pass this store every time.

    • vburnette


      • Dawn Rinehart

        same rules for viagra

      • Dawn Rinehart

        Some women are prescribed the pill for reasons other than stopping pregnancy.

  • vburnette


  • Frances Lyons

    Southern living magazine dec issue was decorating with Cotton looked so nice ,stalks on shelf

  • Randy Galat

    my God! im afraid leftists will kick down my door and confiscate my all cotton DRAWERS…

  • Hollywood

    what a load of crap….how is this offensive? only in some peoples mind….opinions are like a$$holes

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