The Two Most Powerful Men In The World

President Trump, the First Lady, and the First Daughter met with Pope Francis at the Vatican this week. The meeting was very early in the morning so the Pope could meet with his general audience at 10 am, which is every Wednesday.

Trump and Pope Francis met for about thirty minutes before the Pope went to speak with his followers. In addition to their walk down the marble halls, Ivanka and Melania wore traditional Vatican attire.

Currently, it’s unclear as to exactly what the duo spoke about.

Trumps Arrived In Rome, Wearing Traditional Attire

Trump Family | Photo Credit Telegraph

Telegraph reports:

“The Trumps arrived in Rome last night, and their first engagement this morning was a headliner in the global tour which they are currently part way through; meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.”

“Both the First Lady, Melania Trump, and the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, accompanied the President to the high-profile engagement, and both chose to honor the traditional Vatican dress codes by wearing black, long sleeved dresses and veils – the former even choosing to honour her host nation by wearing Italian label Dolce and Gabbana.”

Melania And Ivanka Raised Eyebrows In Saudi Arabia

Trump Family | Photo Credit AOL

Some reports say that earlier in the week, both Melania and Ivanka raised eyebrows when they met with Saudi Arabia leaders but didn’t wear headscarves like the Saudi women are required to wear by law. Obviously, there’s no law for visitors to the country to wear the same attire.

The First Lady and the First Daughter dressed modestly, but in their own way. They wore their signature “power-dresses” from labels such as Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta. Melania also wore a flashy gold belt when she stepped off the plane.

Usually, First Ladies, celebrities, and other public figures generally wear traditional clothes, whether or not they are required to do so.

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