Trump’s Campaign Manager Says Trump has No Reason to Disclose His Current Health


Trump’s campaign manager made a very valid point. Although Trump is a nominee right now, he still has the right to privacy. And it’s important to respect that privacy because it’s the American thing to do.

“He believes that it’s important for the public to know what his basic health condition is,” Kelly Conway said. The statement was made during an interview with MSNBC. She also reported Trump has no problem revealing the results of his physical, although he doesn’t have to.

“I don’t know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy,” Kelly added.

Is Clinton Healthy?

Some people think it’s unfair if Trump doesn’t disclose everything, especially after Hillary’s situation. But let’s face it, there is a reason people want to know about Hillary’s health. She was seen stumbling around and almost fell over before being carried off to her car. Then she released she had pneumonia. Trump has had no public health concerns of this nature. So it would make sense to see hers and not his.

Her health is in question, not Donald Trump’s.

The real question here is, why is Clinton so shady about her health? If there is nothing to worry about, shouldn’t she be open about it? Not that she has to, but if Trump is releasing his physical soon, what’s stopping HRC?

Who is Healthier, Trump or Clinton?

Trump’s Campaign Manager Says Trump has No Reason to Disclose His Current HealthClinton still has not released a full report but says she is feeling fine. That isn’t logical because pneumonia typically last for months. How could she heal so quickly unless the entire thing was a lie to begin with? There’s one thing clear here, either she lied about being sick or she lied about being healthy. Either way she lied.  And that is a scary trait to have when you running to become the next president.

And look what’s going on with Benghazi. If Hillary’s carelessness resulted in the death of Americans overseas, what happens next?  She lets messages deemed important for national security into enemy hands?

Almost everyone in Hillary’s position right now would release their health information. Almost all presidents, vice presidents, and nominees do at one point or another. If you ask me it just looks like Hillary has one more thing to hide from the public eye.

Like Colon Powell said, “if she would just come clean from the beginning, she would stop walking into these character minefields.”

According to a representative of Hillary, more information will be released soon. But like with many things Hillary has claimed, that has yet to be seen.

What do you think about HRC and her role in the United States Government?