2Facebook Is Now Taking Action, So Is Israel…

Photo Credit: businessinsider.com

The surge in “fake news” reports, largely created by the liberal mainstream media, has forced Facebook’s administration to take action. 

But the popular social media site has BIGGER problems. Once regarded as the “next big thing” in the internet revolution, it has quickly become something completely different.

There is EVIL being carried out on Facebook, and Israel was the first to take massive action against it… 

According to Business Insider, ISIS terrorist groups recruit over 3,000 new followers a month using social media sites like FB and Twitter.

Recently, Israel just passed a measure dubbed the “Facebook Bill”, that will compel FB, Twitter, and YouTube to remove posts that “call for an act of violence or terrorism.” 

Ironically, it has been Anonymous-an online group of “hackers”, that has targeted the social media pages of ISIS. The group has taken down hundreds of pro-ISIS accounts.

An article from the Wall Street Journal highlights efforts by Facebook to remove content and pages that appear to support ISIS or terrorism in general.  

But is it not considered a form of terrorism to…