Over the past two weeks, the left has thrown a national tantrum since Trump’s victory. In addition to basic pouting, there have been freeway blockages, street riots and Trump Tower harassment, Internet and media rants, and even harassment of members representing the Electoral College.

We’ve seen these kinds of temper fits raged publicly by the Hollywood elite, but now it seems everyone in the Leftist regime has jumped on the bandwagon.

In mature people, these kinds of actions would have been disciplined away by parents at an early age, but somehow, the modern left has found itself full of adult brats. When they don’t get their way, they want others to pay.

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsDonald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Schoolyard Bullies and Whiners

These man-children and schoolyard narcs are not familiar with being on the losing end, and they simply don’t know how to handle it. Mainstream media opportunists have latched on during the campaign, and have yet to realize that the campaign is over. News flash liberals — you lost.

Since November, the left has yelled relentlessly that safety for minorities is now at risk by extremists. Ironically, these screams are turning into threats, and many media elitists are now saying and doing the things they claim to fear the most — they’ve become the bullies they accuse others of being.

Being sharp and prepared does not make Donald Trump the villain in his Tower, as some have postulated. There is no version of Mein Kampf penned by Donald Trump, nor have we seen any type of real hatred for minorities, homosexuals, or women, since he has become a public political figure.

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsDonald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Donald Trump as a Mogul

Since the 1980s, Donald Trump has been a celebrity mogul, who is known for both preaching and practicing capitalism. There is nothing in his history to show that he was desperate to become president, other than the fact that our nation needed someone willing to provide strong leadership.

Though in his past, he admittedly delivered crass put-downs of women, he still has various female devotees, such as his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Even his ex-wives have nothing but nice things to say about him. He has already proven his confidence in strong, smart women, by placing some in powerful positions. 

Online, several prominent black Americans side with Trump, including Shaquille O’Neal, Mike Tyson, and Don King. Political figures such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Spike Lee have also been seen with the President-elect.

So, despite the lack of real evidence to support trashing our future president, Leftists will continue to complain and whine as we approach the inauguration. I guess for some, fiction is more dramatic to write or speak about than facts.

Have you seen examples where mainstream media has manipulated stories, thrown temper-tantrums, or lied to try and influence Americans?

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