Will Trump’s Presidency End the Progressive’s War on Christianity?

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The times they are a changing. As part of their plan to create a socialist America, the left has been waging war against Christian values. However, election results are showing their assault on Christianity may be coming to an end.

Voters Are Speaking Out

Oregon Labor Commissioner, Brad Avakian, gained national attention in 2013 for imposing heavy fines against a local bakery. Their crime? Refusing, for religious reasons, to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Considered a champion of LGBT rights, Avakian awarded the offended couple $135,000 in emotional damages.

Source Credit: churchmilitant.com
Source Credit: churchmilitant.com

This year, Avakian ran for Secretary of State in Oregon and he lost to his Republican challenger. This certainly indicates that people have had enough. Too bad his loss will not help Melissa and Aaron Klein.


Sweet Cakes by Melissa

Melissa and Aaron Klein were living the American dream. For the successful entrepreneurs, making specialty cakes was their passion. A visit from Rachael Bowman-Cryer changed all that. Cryer was a former customer who bought a specialty cake for her mother’s sixth wedding. She returned to the bakery to order the same cake for her own wedding to Laurel Bowman. Their battle began when Aaron Klein refused to bake the cake, citing the couple’s religious beliefs.

Source Credit: The Blaze
Source Credit: The Blaze

The Klein’s received an outpouring of support from their community who, raised more than $500,000 to help the couple. Despite their efforts, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, closed their doors. And, even though the Klein’s payed the fine, the couple who sued have not received any money as litigation is still ongoing.


Christianity Does Not Mean Homophobic

For Melissa and Aaron, like for many Americans, Christian principles are not something they throw around like bad jokes at parties. They are the values by which they live their lives and raise their families, doing so with a caring attitude — even when they respectfully agree to disagree with others. But this has not stopped the left from suggesting otherwise. For socialist progressives, Christianity equals hate for homosexuals.  

This is another false narrative, and a necessary step in implementing cultural Marxism. Students are being taught the Five Pillars of Islam, without any discussion of Christianity. Teachers condemn the Crusades while teaching sympathy for Islamic terrorism.

A Constitutional Right

Freedom of religion is a Constitutional right in America. Liberals have been making every effort to abolish that right for Christians. The government has no right to intrude on private business, and they certainly have no authority to tell citizens how they must express their faith. In a democratic society, businesses should enjoy the freedom of operating without the choking constraints of political agendas.

We can only pray that President Trump will return America to its Judeo-Christian roots, where everyone is welcome to exercise their faith freely. Without the fear of losing everything they have worked hard for.