Liberal Progressives In a Tailspin

Donald Trump’s historical victory is sending liberal progressives into a tailspin. They label his supporters as racist, sexists, misogynists. They gather together in hundreds to throw violent temper tantrums. But, to be fair, they are being brainwashed to act this way. It is called cultural Marxism, and it is mesmerizing them.

The left continues to compare Trump to Hitler, hoping you won’t notice their Marxist agenda.

Permeating Education At a School Near You

This agenda consists of big government, the Welfare State, and eradication of history. And, it is already being implemented in a school near you. It is permeating education, politics, and the mainstream media. The goal is to completely undermine American values. It is the worst kind of psychological warfare.

Source Credit: The Daily MailSource Credit: The Daily Mail

Stage 1- Demoralization

A demoralized individual will not be able to distinguish between truth and lies. Educators spend years instilling Marxist ideologies. They have largely been prohibited from teaching American values. Facts are irrelevant. They subvert Christianity and traditions. Patriotism, heritage, and common sense are eroded.

Stage 2- Destabilization

This stage occurs through economics, foreign policy, and defense.  If you can disrupt the nation, you can easily continue to demoralize its citizens. We can see economic decline in staggering unemployment, high taxes, and the increase of welfare. Failed foreign policies have armed our adversaries. Radical Islamic terrorists are killing Americans. They are decimating military and defense budgets.

Stage 3- Crisis

This stage is where we are post-2016 election. Professors are coddling over-emotional students on university campuses. Violence and protests are filling the streets. Inclusion by segregation is the new normal as race relations digress. Chicago is a war zone. Criminals are targeting and executing are law enforcement officers. Sharia law is governing Dearborn, MI.

Stage 4-Normalization

Complete and utter chaos best describes this stage. The country is at war with itself. Promises of free stuff creates visions of a utopian future. The left’s Marxist quest for power is resolute. This is where the election of Donald Trump becomes so important.

Cultural Marxism is not a new threat. This ideology subversion began in the 1960’s at liberal colleges and universities. Those students are the ones seeking power today. They have been perpetuating their communist ideologies through the generations. Today’s millennials are the result. Until now, demagogues have been ruling the roost.

President-elect Trump has a difficult job ahead of him. He must find a way to erase decades of Marxist indoctrination. Stabilizing a lackluster economy, bridging the racial divide, and securing our borders are top priorities. Restoring American values such as faith, family and freedom is imperative. Eliminating failed liberal education policies is key.


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As our 45th President enters the oval office, he brings with him a renewed hope for America’s future. A future ripe with possibilities. Stagnation will once again give way to innovation. Law and order will prevail over anarchy. Honesty and integrity will drive out corruption.  We will once again be celebrating patriotism, not censuring it.

The era of cultural Marxism is not gone yet. But, with President Trump, it will be well on its way.


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