CNN has reported that President-Elect Donald Trump plans to meet with Mitt Romney over the weekend. Known as one of the fiercest GOP critics, the former presidential candidate may or may not be offered a cabinet post.

A Senior Republican source informed the news network that the two are planning to discuss “governing moving forward,” but the possibility of Romney earning a seat as high as Secretary of State certainly isn’t out of the question.

Mitt Romney | Photo Credit Wikimedia CommonsMitt Romney | Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

Romney Back in Government

Romney has mentioned his hopes to serve in a government position again over the years, with the aim focusing on Secretary of State. The source believes that Romney is meeting with Trump to discuss this as a possibility.

As a former Massachusetts governor, Romney should help Trump receive some praise as many feel the President will be bringing in more outsiders than politicians as he begins to stack his cabinet.

The CNN source believes that Romney’s nomination will put an “adult” in the position and that his candidacy is a “serious” possibility. The meeting with Romney is a concern for Rudy Giuliani, however, which has also been discussed with Trump.

This upcoming conversation is one of many to take place for those Republicans who did not support Trump’s candidacy. Trump, within his acceptance speech and actions, is trying to reunite the GOP after such a divisive election within the party.

Mitt Romney | Photo Credit Wikimedia CommonsMitt Romney | Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

Romney as a Patriot

Within the same CNN report, however, a family friend of Romney’s has also said that Romney may be skeptical to serve within Trump’s cabinet. Romney’s father George, served under President Richard Nixon and despised the experience. If McCain had won in 2008, Romney has been quoted as saying he wouldn’t serve in that cabinet.

“Trump’s Cabinet seems like an even lower probability,” Romney’s friend admitted to CNN. “I wouldn’t say never, but I would be surprised.” Others feel that the meeting is about more than one man, given Romney’s patriotic duties.

A former Romney advisor admits, “He cares that much. He’s a patriot. This isn’t about Donald Trump.” Romney is a patriot, and with that simple fact, it’s likely he will accept a position if offered one over the weekend.

But Trump choosing a pro-NAFTA Globalist as one of his advisors remains unlikely, whether or not he is trying to unite the GOP. Its more likely Trump will use Romney as the VA or the Commerce Department rather than Secretary of State, but we’ll find out soon enough.

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