Trump’s Gridiron Dinner Joke Sent Maxine Waters Into A Twitter Tantrum

Trump-Gridiron Dinner
President Trump at the annual Gridiron Media Dinner. | Photo credit The Gateway Pundit

In yet another early morning Twitter tirade against President Trump, Rep. Maxine Waters proved that “crazy is as crazy does.” Ironically, she did it while suggesting porn star Stormy Daniels should interpret Trump’s mental health.

Last Saturday, President Trump attended the annual Gridiron Media Dinner where he took a jab at Maxine Waters. “‘He must be impeached!’ that’s all she knows how to say,” Trump said, adding “And I say, and I get in trouble for this, ‘she has to immediately take an IQ test’ and people go crazy.”

Apparently, “Auntie Maxine” cannot take a joke. In a series of tweets, the California congresswoman responded to the joke, falsely suggesting that the people working for Trump think little of him.

“For a president whose own staff & appointees have referred to him as ignorant, stupid, & whose own Sec. of State Tillerson has not denied calling him a moron, Trump needs to get out of the name calling game,” Waters tweeted.

Moments later, Waters followed those comments up in a tweet about Trump’s mental health. “We might also inquire of Stormy Daniels about Trump’s mental state since she has observed him up close,” she said. “I’m sure she could give us a revealing interpretation of her observations.”

Wacky Waters

Waters attacks Trump on Twitter
Maxine Waters questions Trump’s mental health while attacking him on Twitter. | Photo credit Business Insider

Only in the feeble minds of leftist loons, is a porn star qualified to talk about mental health. Although, it’s even funnier to see how people like Waters can dish out the slop but they can’t take it when it’s flung back in their face.

Just last week, Waters complained to Twitter execs that a social media user was spreading lies and fake news about her. Twitter subsequently suspended @TrueJackDaniel for calling her a “crazy, old, lying lunatic in a bad wig.”

However, proving they are as biased as the Democrats they support, the social media site remained silent when Waters attacked Trump. Something she does rather consistently, so there’s no chance they’ve “missed” the attacks.

Regardless, Maxine Waters needs more than IQ test. She needs a straight jacket, padded room, and a shot of Thorazine. In the meantime, let’s hope Omar Navarro can finally put her out to pasture in the mid-terms.