Georgia Tech Violence

Photo Credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

After walking around campus wielding a knife on Saturday, Scott “Scout” Schultz is now dead. The 21-year-old Georgia Tech engineering student and Pride Alliance leader did not comply with police commands to stop moving and drop the knife. Then, he approached an officer on the scene. 

That decision cost him his life.

Holding a vigil on campus Monday, students gathered to remember Schultz. It started out peaceful. However, the memorial soon turned into a violent protest. Which in turn, prompted a campus-wide lockdown. Leaving the vigil, approximately fifty people, began marching towards the Tech police headquarters. 

Remaining anonymous, a local student who lives near campus gave their account of the chaos saying: “Today there was a vigil for his [Schultz] death, which turned into a violent protest and led to people torching a police car and everyone on campus was issued a warning to stay inside because of the violent protestors.”

Additionally, the student added that there were “a lot of Antifa members not associated with Georgia Tech.” Through a tweet, university officials were urging students and local residents to stay inside. Officers from the Atlanta police department and Georgia State came to assist with the melee.

Sustaining injuries during the protests, three officers are receiving care at Grady Memorial hospital. Police are charging at least three protesters with inciting a riot and battery of an officer. Authorities are identifying the individuals as Vincent Castillenti, Jacob Wilson, and Cassandra Monden. Whether they are students at Georgia Tech is unclear.

Unanswered Questions

Photo credit: NY Daily News

Incidentally, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Schultz left behind three suicide notes and called 911. Speaking to reporters, the family’s lawyer Chris Stewart says the knife was a “utility tool” and the blade was not out during the confrontation. In the video of the incident, you can hear Schultz telling police “shoot me.”

Consequently, while many questions remain, Schultz’s parents are asking for the violence to stop.

“We ask that those who wish to protest Scout’s death do so peacefully. Answering violence with violence is not the answer. Our goal is to work diligently to make positive change at Georgia Tech in an effort to ensure a safer campus for all students.”


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