This is not the first Time magazine cover Donald Trump has graced. A couple of previous publications were flattering — most of them were not.

Now, as he is about to take the oath of office as our country’s 45th President, he is on the cover again. But, this most recent piece is not as favorable as it seems.

Time’s Person of the Year

Donald Trump is a fitting choice for “Person of the Year”. He is the first true businessman since George Washington to become President. His victory will go down in the history books.

Time’s Person of the Year is also an honor typically bestowed upon the winning candidate in a presidential race. However, clearly part of the Hillary hoopla, Time could not resist the opportunity to demean the President-elect.

Look closely at the cover and you’ll see what we mean.

Divided States and Devil Horns

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No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  It really says “President of the Divided States of America”. 

Those seriously picking apart the cover, noted the positioning of our next president. “Are those devil horns?” some questioned. 

Time, of course, denied accusations of intentionality, and some noted similar postures on other covers, including politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

You can read Time‘s accompanying story on Donald Trump here.

For comparison, the cover below published in August.

Source Credit: time.comSource Credit:

Time‘s editors are clearly the ones having a meltdown.

Taking a good look in the mirror is a difficult thing to do. As human beings, we often look to those in our social circle to define our self-image. Mainstream media and liberals alike seem to do the latter very well. Taking responsibility — not so much. 

Looking at themselves, actually seeing the truth, is a task they dare not undertake. The results would be tragically painful. The realization they are being hoodwinked is incomprehensible. So their minds continue to wander in blissful ignorance.

The Great Divider

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Obama made a Time magazine cover too. As America’s first African-American President he was honored simply with the words “President Barack Obama”. Yet, he deserves the distinction of “The Great Divider”.

We are not challenging that the country is divided. We are disputing who is responsible for the divide.  Promoting racial tensions. Encouraging violence and protests. Protecting Muslim terrorists. Crucifying Christians. Erasing history. These are but a few of the ways Obama and his “gang” at the Justice department have divided the country.

Yet somehow, Time is managing to blame Donald Trump.  

The “Looking Glass Self”

Looking in the mirror would require Time and other mainstream media sources to admit they were wrong all along. They would have to accept that Donald Trump is truly someone deserving of “Person of the Year”.


Donald Trump is bringing back what the left spent years taking away.

  • The promise of easier times.
  • A country whose citizens and communities are safe.
  • A nation where hard work is rewarded and crime doesn’t pay.
  • A democracy graced by God and ruled with a firm but loving hand.

Despite many obstacles, in spite of his enemies, Donald Trump is persevering. They cannot beat him, and they can’t stand it. He is everything his opponents are not. He is the person of the year and he is the next President of the United States.

The final score? Donald Trump-1, Liberals-0

Do you think Time’s cover was intentionally disrespectful? Tell us in the comments.

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