The case for America has been laid out. America is at a crossroads and so is the world. Here is why I think this is a pivotal time period. 

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story. 

Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s broken deal with Russia, the bear nation is assertive and aggressive. In the meantime, Hillary’s rhetoric against Russia is increasingly antagonistic and submissive. A recent strike against Yemen has put the U.S. on a crash course with Iran.

Hillary made a ‘deal with Iran,’ which essentially made the Middle Eastern nation a military powerhouse. By granting over one billion dollars to the Ayatollahs, lifting sanctions, and an additional 400 million dollars in cash in exchange for hostages.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump (Credit: AP)

Through Clinton’s weak diplomacy, and Obama’s failed leadership, the United States is essentially fighting a proxy war through its Saudi Arabian partner against Iran. At this point the Pentagon is denying it, even thought possible ramifications and shocks that could adversely affect international relations, stability, and the economy. The events we are seeing now were put into place by Clinton’s failed diplomacy. Due to her weak stance on Iran, her posturing in the face of Russia, and an endless string of bad judgement calls including the infamous email scandal.

Hillary’s diplomacy and leadership

On Thursday, a U.S. Navy tomahawk missile attacked three radar sites in Yemen as retaliation against Houthi rebels who are backed by Iran. Saudi Arabia, America’s ally in the region, is heavily involved in the civil conflict in Yemen. Now, through the backing of the United States, America is nearing a conflict with Saudi Arabia’s mortal enemy, Iran.

Couple this with Russian involvement in Syria. You begin to comprehend the scope of the international scene post Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Not too long ago Russia was willing to work with the United States in order to stop ISIS at its source, if it wasn’t for Hillary’s antagonistic approach to Russia and the dissolve of her disastrous ‘reset button.’

Today, Russia is fighting against U.S. armed, so called ‘rebels,’ armed by Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake, this is the international scene Clinton set-up before leaving diplomatic office.    

Hillary likes to talk a big talk; but she usually does so against the wrong enemy, at the wrong time. This proves her bad judgement and bad leadership skills. Dangerous rhetoric coming from a political figure who worked to ruin America’s tenuous relationship with a post-soviet Russia, is hardly the way to reach safety and stability.

Large claims that have resulted in Iran’s rise as a military power as an economic regional powerhouse is not the way for America to make a strong stance against its enemies.

In a recent tweet Trump stated, “This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the People reclaim control over our gov’t!”

To most Americans, this election feels like a tipping point. The choice is clear. Try to be politically correct in international politics and you may end up with an international war on Clinton’s head. Unfortunately for Crooked Hillary, her carefully calculated control of the media can only go as far as American ears and U.S. shores. The world’s diplomats know who she really is. America’s enemies know how weak she is. Do we want a continuation of a weak America in the world stage?

The choice is ours.

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