CNN In Hot Water After Threatening Creator of Trump WWE Video #CNNBlackmail

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While millions of Americans enjoyed the Independence Day holiday, CNN was busy tracking down social media users who have offended them.

Acting more like the Gestapo than journalists, the network is now under fire for what many are calling the blackmail of an American citizen. 

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The story was published late last night, with the headline that read “How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF.”  The article stated that the user in question, identified only by his Reddit handle ‘Han a**hole Solo,” has “issued an apology for the video and other offensive content he posted. The apology came one day after CNN identified the man behind the account and attempted to make contact with him.”

Rumors have it that the user in question is not in fact a man, but rather a 15-year old boy.

CNN made their actions and intentions very clear in the article, saying that they would not release the man’s real identity because “he issued an extensive apology, showed his remorse, and promised he would not repeat his ugly behavior.” The network added that they “reserve the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

A screenshot of the apology, which has since been removed by moderators of the Reddit group is pictured below:


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The network’s actions were so egregious, they caught the attention of WikiLeaks who weighed in on the controversy on Twitter. “CNN extorts amateur satirist who made video tweeted by Trump: if you make fun of us again we will harm you,” they tweeted. Hundreds of social media users also commented on the story, using the hashtag #CNNBlackmail.

CNN has aired continued coverage of the mock video since President Trump shared it on Twitter. They have also repeatedly called for the president to apologize for inciting violence against the press.

Ironically, (and in typical leftist fashion) the Reddit user says he now “fears for his safety” and is concerned his actions will “embarrass his family,” should his identity ever be revealed.

He is urging other anonymous posters not to “feed their own self-worth by inflicting suffering upon others online just because you are behind a keyboard.”







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