Situations are dissolving in South Korea. American forces are on high alert now, after North Korea pulled back from 1953 Armistice that put an end to the Korean war. The precautionary measures taking place are happening for the second time in two years.

The U.S. armed forces have been the major protective forces in North Korea since the end of the conflict between North and South Korea. The elevated threat now requires very real decisions to be made by United States commanders.

William Nash is a major General who was in charge of the 1st armored division. He later served the United Nations as civil administrator during the battle of Kosovo. According to him, the United States forces in South Korea are going through war plans now to ensure that non-essential personnel are being evacuated from bases.

The first stage is to gather essential people, then you go through the process of preparing to evacuate the noncombatants. Throughout the process, war plans are reviewed, as well as contingency plans and procedures. Deployment orders are set into place while you make sure all your weapons and vehicles are all in working order. Everything is then staged and set in place to prepare for war.

What’s Happening in North Korea?

Unfortunately, there is no certainty as to the state of North Korea. The entire situation is very hush hush. Apparently however, North Korea is now under watch condition 2. Watch condition 2 has not been instilled since North Korea first launched a test nuke in 2006.

North Korea Backs Out of TreatyIt’s certain that bases in South Korea are on very high alert. There is a much greater risk for an attack to occur with the current state of turmoil in the two countries. When bases are put onto high alert, they require a lot more surveillance and intelligence gathering to be taken. During this time, you stay updated on the enemy at all times. The key is to look for the latest intel in order to keep specific interest up to date.

The new alert levels require more personnel, more patrols and more conversations with command back in the states. South Korean military will also be on a higher level of alert and be in constant communication with the military back in the United States.

North Korea Tests More Nukes

The announcement in North Korea was immediate followed by South Korea’s decision to finally join the Proliferation Security Initiative. The initiative consists of more than 90 nations. Each of them stop and inspect ships that are suspected of carrying nuclear parts, armaments and materials. They will even stop and contain ships who are suspected to carry ballistic missiles as well. South Korea took immediate action after North Korea tested another nuclear bomb on Monday.

With the elections so close, what will Obama do? Will he respond with his typical rhetoric or will he take decisive action? Even though no one wants to see a war or nuclear exchange happen with North Korea, something has to be done in response to the recent events. These events can’t be labeled as anything but an act of defiance against our forces and a near act of war.


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