As long as you pay attention, the Democratic party will often give you signs of their false truths and corrupt democracy. Hillary thrives on this corruption which is exactly why she’s been nominated.

I don’t know if you remember, but the Clinton Foundation’s sole purpose was to aid the world in its most dire needs. Really great job at that guys. And even though they have done some really great work for people, a majority of the funds have been used to promote Hillary and her band of cronies.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you aren’t familiar with the power of that analogy, you can only see 10% or less of the iceberg above the surface. The rest is hidden in darkness, just like Hillary and her secrecy about everything she’s been hiding.

Things are finally starting to come to light though, the foundation has been identified as a soured for influencing everyone from celebrities to people of royalty. The sad thing is, they actually paid and believed they would gain access to the US government.

So basically what I’m getting at is, if you want a seat in the government, talk to Hillary and she’ll likely be able to help. On top of that, more emails have been released proving Hillary attempted to gain access to the State Department personnel while she was in charge. Here’s something showing the scope of the donations the foundation has received by the way, Bahrain donated more than $32 million. My question is, how is that even legal and where EXACTLY did the money go?

Looks like to me Hillary is on a role and isn’t stopping anytime soon. And from my own experience, corruption breeds more corruption, more lies and more deceit. And it doesn’t scale down, it grows like a snowball rolling down a hill until it explodes and everybody is buried in the snow. The problem here, the snow will never just melt away, it will continue to suffocate the country economically until everybody is choking on the dust of their own regret. My advice, best not vote Hillary into office lest you want to be the one doing the choking.

Hillary has claimed too many times that running the State Department gave her invaluable knowledge and a unique disposition, ideal for running the country. I haven’t seen it yet and most likely neither have you, Trump may be hard, but he is honest in what he believes in and his intentions for this country. From the looks of it, if Hillary wins this country is in for at least four years of solid pain and suffering leading to what could be the worst time in American history.

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