2The New “Face” of Terrorism

Photo credit: LADbible They are cold, calculating, and evil. They are also just “regular guys,” at least according to neighbors of one of the London Bridge attackers. The jihadist, whose name has not yet been released, was often spotted playing football in the streets with local children and held doors open for little old ladies.

However, lurking underneath the gentle façade, was a killer. A terrorist. A jihadist plotting a deadly attack against the very people he smiled at every day. According to emerging reports, the man often changed his appearance. He offered no hint at the chaos he was planning with two other radical Islamists.

In fact, the man was so good at hiding his intentions, that local parents would even trust him to be alone with their children, which happened regularly. 

Is this is the new face of terrorism? They blend into our communities, gain the trust of neighbors and community leaders, then they strike.

Fortunately, this terrorist and his friends will not strike again as all three were killed by London police. Sadly, not before they killed seven people and wounded more than 48 others. But make no mistake, there are more just like them. They seem normal, look happy, and they…


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