It is a typical expression that we’ve heard millions of times. ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. But maybe we actually can? 

We happen not to believe this saying. Either the expression is outdated and whoever coined it didn’t see our ‘old dogs’, or it was used only as a metaphor.  

But however old your dog is, you can start instructing him to do amazing things which you never believed possible.

Doing things such as shaking hands, sitting, setting up, as well as talking or rolling over can be simpler than you think. Before you begin training your dog, you will want to ensure that she or he is in fairly good health. You don’t need to be coaching a dog that is too overweight to take a seat and roll over. If this is the scenario, you should place it on a diet prior to beginning any training of any kind.

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Generally, dogs are super agile and relatively fit to perform such easy tricks. Especially, when it comes to German Shepherds. These are probably the best dogs to train. They are smart, attentive, devoted, loyal and patient. This is the very reason they are so highly regarded in special forces and various service duties around the globe. You can’t find a rescue mission without a trained German Shepherd or a police force unit without their K-9 dog. Hospitals are also often staffed by special service dogs to help patients. 

Just in case you have any questions or worries about your dog’s health in connection to understanding to do tricks, you should consult with a vet. 

Not that vets are not experts in dog training, but they can reassure you that the dog is in a good condition to be trained, exercised and kept active.

Health monitoring is not the only precaution you should take

This should go without saying, but when you’re out with a German Shepherd – you have to secure the people and animals around you. Among the first things which you will have to do is gett a slip collar and leash that’s around 6 feet long. A lot of people use chain leashes, yet these have an inclination to irritate and cut into the hand and therefore are unpleasant when walking or training your dog. Before you start teaching your dog any kind of tricks, you should be sure to have a grip on the leash and also ensure that your pet responds to simple commands and is in a non-aggressive state of mind.

Starting off teaching your dog an easy trick – how to sit

This one is among the basics. You will not get far unless you’ll teach your pet to sit on command. You have to command your dog to sit in the correct position and from then on reward the dog for successfully completing the task. Doing this a few times may work wonders, especially when training sessions are repetitive and consistent. Most dogs learn at different speeds, so do not get discouraged with him if he doesn’t understand right away. The key now for your dog to do tricks is just positive reinforcement, not negative.

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