We’ve put together a short list below of 7 fantastic chew toys that are high quality, excellent value, and ideally suited to a golden retriever.

These toys will keep your pooch entertained for hours, and hopefully your belongings intact and safe for far longer. 

Red Kong Wobbler

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KONGs are rightfully one of the most popular toy brands for golden retrievers. Incredibly tough and durable, they’re able to withstand a lot of pressure from gnashing teeth and can last for years.

This ‘Wobbler’ toy combines a chew toy with a food dispenser, and is both mentally and physically stimulating. The idea is to stuff it with treats or kibble and let your retriever toil to get it out, keeping them busy for a few hours.
First they need to control the wobbling toy and stop it from escaping!

Top features:
     • Great for dogs that eat too fast – the unpredictable dispenser helps them slow down, work for, and savor their food and treats
     • It wobbles unpredictably, keeping your dog interested and challenged
     • Can be used at mealtime as an alternative dog bowl or for treating your dog
     • Made in the USA
     • Made of FDA-approved high strength plastic polymer
     • Dishwasher safe with a twist-off dispenser

Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring


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Goughnuts is another quality brand that many think rival the durability of KONG. This ring chew is well known among owners of heavy chewers for being virtually indestructible.
As well as being super tough, it’s also safe for your dog to sink their teeth into. It’s made of two layers of rubber. The outer green layer means “GoughNuts”, while if your retriever chews through to the inner red layer, it means “stop”.

Top features:
     • Designed by mechanical and polymer engineers for guaranteed virtual indestructibility
     • Goughnuts will replace the product if your dog chews through to the red layer
     • Made in the USA
     • Floats in the water

West Paw Design Tough Dog Bone Chew Toy


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West Paw is another brand that specializes in high-quality dog chew toys. This Hurley bone chew is the perfect toy for golden retrievers that love gnawing on rawhide and playing fetch.
It’s known for being very tough and durable, even in the jaws of heavy chewers. Rest assured that if your dog does manage to swallow any bits, the toy is FDA compliant and should cause minimal problems if any. As always though, supervise your dog while chewing in case there’s a choking hazard.

Top features:
     • Safer and gentler than rawhide bones – it’s FDA compliant, non-toxic and free from BPAs and Phthalates
     • Will float in the water and bounces – great for fetch!
     • Brightly colored so you can spot them outside
     • Very durable and able to withstand heavy chewing
     • Made in the US
     • Dishwasher safe and recyclable


Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Tennis Ball


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If your dog loves chewing on tennis balls but destroys them within a matter of hours, then these Planet Dog balls could be the answer.
They’re much more durable than normal tennis balls and can easily withstand the pressure from heavy chewers. Like a normal ball it can bounce, float, and is great fun to play with, for dogs and humans alike!

Top features:
     • Made of award-winning Orbee-Tuff compound – a smooth rubber – so it’s highly durable and able to withstand heavy chewing
     • There’s no fabric covering that your dog can tear off like normal tennis balls
     • These feel like a normal tennis ball and have more bounce-back than some of its competitors, so it will really engage your dog
     • Floats and bounces
     • Made in the US
     • 100% recyclable
     • Lightweight and bright yellow in color, so easy to spot when you’re out and about

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