How awesome would it have been, if there was something similar to a baby shower, but for puppies, right?

They’re really difficult to take care of, aren’t they? Yes, maybe not as difficult as the babies, but it’s still an enormous responsibility. On the other hand – your baby probably can’t run at 30 miles per hour and is highly unlikely to attack the postman. And these are some of the things that the dog owners have on their minds constantly! 

Newbies to dogs can get a lot of things wrong, so a little help would be great.

This is what we’re here for. Let’s imagine, that you’re bringing a brand new German Shepherd puppy to your household tomorrow. What is the starter-kit that you simply have to have? Let’s take a look.

You might actually have a big chunk of what’s listed here already at your place. But, in case you don’t – it’ll be a really smart move to go to the local store to get all the stuff you will need. Believe me, dogs seem very non-capricious. However, you can lose count of all the needed brushes, food dispensers, toys, chewing toys, balls and food for your dog. This list is far from being exhaustive. Your vet can add up some 10-20 items on top of this list that are, if not essential, then really really preferable to have.

It is a separate case when you’re bringing home a dog that will grow up to be as big as the Germans Shepherds grow to be.

You need to safe proof your apartment, make sure the dog can’t escape and harass the neighbors. Make sure that the dog has its own bed. And one, that will actually fit the dog. Remember, it’s not a cat or a ‘show’ dog, that can fit on a pillow. Keep in mind the size of your German Shepherd now vs when they are all grown up.

If it’s just a little GSD puppy you’re bringing home, remember how tiny they are and how important it is to provide the right sustenance for them in just the right way. Puppy bowls and water bottles are critical in the beginning! Just when the puppy is gaining weight – you have to provide the right nutrition. 

Apart from nutrition, you need to focus on all the usual stuff – leashes, toys, balls, chewing toys that help develop the teeth and so on.

If you’re into fashion or live in a really cold environment, you might want to look at specially tailored dog clothes. Believe me, there are plenty of options there too, so you can even fit your style here and look cool together.

You also have to be prepared for extreme situations.

While you probably will not be able to provide first aid for the dog, you must have a vet phone number handy, a special dog transporting box and basic medicine and tools to stop bleedings, for example.

Dog-ownership is no ride in the park, but the benefits and joys of having them are really worth it!

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