The More You Know About “Water Dogs” The More You’re Going To Love Them


These are dogs you have no problem coaxing into the pool, lake, or salt water. The question arises in getting these water dogs to come back on shore. Do you own one of these?

Newfoundlands Are Big Water Dogs

Newfoundland dogs are great water dogs

These gentle giants are perfect if you love waterside activity such as boating, swimming, and surfing. Newfoundlands are water dogs with a capital W. Ranging on the larger size, they can run anywhere from 100-150 pounds at maturity. This long coated breed is known for jumping in and saving drowning victims. 

How awesome is that? 

A word to the wise, you may think you l-o-v-e spending time in the wet stuff, but you’ll meet your match with this water dog.

The Boykin Spaniel Loves Water

These are water dogs for sure!

Outdoor activity surrounding a pond filled with ducks represents the Boykin’s doggie heaven. 

The density of their furry coats prepares them for colder wet weather. Therefore, keep a regular combing/brushing schedule for best hygiene results. 

This medium-sized spaniel loves being with people who hunt waterfowl and wild turkey. 

This is my kind of dog for sure.

Curly Coated Retriever

Curly coated retrievers are water-loving dogs.

The Curly Coated Retriever is recognized immediately for its amazing curly fur. As beautiful as it is, the coat is also functional, as it maintains appropriate body temperature in cold, wet weather. 

These water dogs have intense personalities, helping them to stay focused on the next opportunity to jump in the water for another a bird or two. 

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

this water dog loves ducks too

He only looks like he’s running on water, it is one of the beautiful traits of the Novia Scotia Retriever. 

Being quick on his feet helps this small retriever in and out of the water. He is a strong swimmer and ready to run at a moments notice. It is also good to note; they love the active hunting life.

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Do you have a water-loving dog in your home? What breed is yours?

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