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3 Ways Pet Therapy Is Reshaping Our Healthcare

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-21

Pet therapy treatment is an area that has attracted an increased attention in the last couple of decades.

In recent years, experts have been relying on pet therapy as an invaluable help in reaching out to older individuals, people with various mental problems, as well as to sick or abused children throughout the country. Pet Therapy is the popular term for animal assisted treatment, animal assisted activities and pet visitation. It’s also recognized at hospitals across the country as a terrific way to help kids cope with the anxiety and stress associated with hospitalization. Pet Therapy is an overall term that encompasses many remedial activities involving animals as companions or occasional visitors to the sick or people in need of help.

Top Dog Tips
Top Dog Tips

Pet therapy is now used to tackle a variety of medical and psychological conditions.

Sometimes this single approach to treatment can help in relieving many symptoms. Pet therapy also encourages socialization, enhances self-esteem and protection, and provides amusement and simple happiness to those in need. The visitations provide a warm and reassuring presence for the patients. They get a chance to forget about their problems for at least just this moment and simply enjoy the company of a dog. The pet therapy program was started at Wishard Health Services in Nov 2002. It is now an established approach to treatment in the whole world, more so in the developed nations and it continues to grow popularity with a striking pace.

Pet therapy is among the most satisfying volunteer activities a dog and handler may be engaging in.

It is also one of the most rewarding ones. Imagine the look on the faces of the kids in the hospital when your German Shepherd comes in! And when they play ball or run around being all cute and energetic? 

Being a therapy pet  has become a favorite and significant function for many dogs, particularly German Shepherds. Visits may have a positive impact on a resident or patient’s physical wellness. They can positively impact the emotional health by lessening loneliness and creating a feeling of purpose for the individual.

German Shepherds have it in their genes to take care of other beings. They genuinely love to serve a purpose and be on duty. 

For the lonely citizens of nursing facilities, mental wellness facilities, rehab centers, and houses for the disabled, keeping a puppy offers the unconditional love that they need so much. For those who enjoy animals, pet treatment provides some strong advantages. It provides better health, more relaxed mood, a link to the world outside the hospital doors. It can enhance communication and give chance to just have some fun.

Under the direction of medical institutions and education professionals, animal assisted treatment has been proved to improve physical motion, psychological well-being, intellectual consciousness and social skills for individuals with disabilities.

In a healthcare facility, people turn out of their rooms to socialize with the animals and with one another. 

Even the staff loves to play with these dogs; that’s how adorable they are!

Now, it’s important to note that each dog should undergo substantial training before they could communicate with individuals. This is exactly the reason why the breed most suited for the job turn out to be German Shepherds. Since they are easily trained, they are the perfect choice for such a responsible and rewarding duty. 

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