How can a breed with such an adorable face end up with a ruined reputation? It’s sad how a few bad examples are destroying the whole pit bull breed.

Pit bulls are no different than other dogs. Their behavior is a response to the way they’re trained. That’s why the often end up in a hopeless situation.

Stella, the pit bull, was considered a danger to society. She was seized from her home in the UK in 2014, and her life turned into a nightmare. Because of the ordinance of the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991, the shelter workers weren’t allowed to play with Stella, or even let her out for an exercise session.

She spent two years in her cage, and at the end, she was put on death row by a judge who thought Stella was too dangerous for society. However, Stella had a Guardian Angel to help her convince the judge and the world that she’s just a happy pup.

The person who fought for Stella went to court 11 times, just to prove the judge that Stella is not a vicious dog. She never had any aggression experiences in the past, but the judge still wasn’t going to change his decision.

But luckily, there was another option that Judge Graham Cottle would agree on. He was willing to give Stella a chance if she successfully passed the six-week trial with a new caretaker who specialized in aggressive dogs.

Saving Stella

Stella was never a vicious dog, and going to through the six weeks trial wasn’t a problem at all. She and Caroline Pharaoh, the person responsible for the trial, rejoined in court for the final decision.

They finally got the good news!


Stella never showed signs of aggression, and she was interacting well with other dogs as well.

“We have to be satisfied that the arrangements are such that the dog does not pose a risk to public safety,” said Judge Graham Cottle, “We have heard from Caroline Pharaoh, and we were all extremely impressed.”

“Stella has looked after Stella for some six weeks and is willing to become the permanent keeper of the dog. She is fully aware of what is involved when she takes over ownership.”

“She has stepped into this very difficult situation, and it is very clear she is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure the dog does not pose a risk to the public. From the description of the premises, it is ideal.”

And of course, the judge overturned his decision and Stella was finally happy.

She’s now living on a farm with her owner Caroline Pharaoh.

“We have taken her into our home. I knew about her background, and I was expecting a very different dog because she had been without exercise for so long. It is remarkable how she has responded.”


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