There are some things that sort of tickle our mind. We don’t always have the guts to do them, but we still gravitate towards them. Jumping off the plane with a parachute, going on a trip to a country we’ve never been to and so on. Even if we never do it, every time someone else does – we just have to know what it was like! No one says “Cool, alright’ to someone who just skydived! You have to know everything! Was it scary? Did you prepare for it? Was it expensive? Will you do it again? Obviously, getting a dog isn’t that risky and cool. But if it’s a German Shepherd – I bet people would want to know what it’s like to handle such a dog.

Bethany BurnsBethany Burns

Are they really as disciplined as they’re depicted in the movies?

To put it shortly – yes, they are. Obviously, it takes time and effort to train them and get them to respond to your commands. But generally, as a breed, German Shepherds are arguably the best ones to train. They almost literally can do everything! Aiding the visually impaired people? Easily! Search and rescue missions? German shepherds can do it too. And the list goes on and on.

Are they good with kids, though?

A common misconception about the bigger and stronger dog breeds is that they are too dangerous to have around children. To be frank, if you treat your pet poorly and make them nervous, anxious and scared – it’s dangerous to keep even a cat in such a state around a kid. As long as you treat and take proper care of your dog, allow them to integrate into the household, having children around will not be a problem at all. Moreover, people often discover that German Shepherds are among the best family dogs. Your children will even form lifelong bonds with your pet dog. Not only that but your children will eventually learn how to be responsible for others, empathize, and develop characteristics that they otherwise wouldn’t if they didn’t take care of a German Shepherd.

Will you be able to switch from a GSD to another breed?

This one is the most difficult to answer. Once you have a German Shepherd, especially when a kid, you’re hooked These dogs are great and they check all the boxes. Intelligent, devoted, strong and protective, while loving and empathetic. People often move from simply owning a German Shepherd to breeding them, when they realize how awesome these dogs are.

We’re not going to advocate breeding German Shepherds; this is a costly and time-consuming project. But if you get a chance to hang around a German Shepherd – you’ll make up your mind on getting one too immediately.

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