Training your dog is one of the essential features of being a dog owner

Sure, it’s all great fun to just admire the company. However, you really need to allot enough time for training. We can agree that dogs are incredibly smart and among the most domesticated (the most domesticated, probably) animals we have. But we shouldn’t forget that dogs can easily turn into aggressive animals if you let them go unsupervised. 

This is why training is so important. You don’t want to leave even a tiny chance that those basic instincts will kick in when the mailman comes around, or, God forbid, when you’re on a kids’ playground. 

So, let’s take a look at some common mistakes that dog owners make. Some of these mistakes can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided by all means.

Aggressive Approach

German Shepherds are definitely among the best assault dogs you can find. This is precisely the reason they are so widely used in police forces all over the world. But rest assured that even in the K-9, the level of aggressiveness and force applied to the dogs is incredibly measured and calculated. If you misjudge this area of training you can expect some dangerous results. Getting bitten by your dog while simulating an attack is not even the worst one. There were reports on mishandling of dogs, when poor creatures were trained to be fighting dogs for illegal purposes. Sadly, in many of those instances the combination of mental strain and their immense physical power would lead to serious injuries on behalf of the owner or someone else. 

Lack of Socializing 

German Shepherds will do just fine in relative solitude. If you’re on a farm with your dog – that’s perfect for your pet. They love the free space, the nature and don’t really need much company. However, in case they will encounter another person – there is a high chance of misreading someone’s presence as a threat to either you or the dog itself. German Shepherds are instinctive guardians and protectors. This is encoded in their genes and will definitely kick in, when they feel a threat. Introduce them to your friends, family, let them know that people are okay (generally speaking). Don’t worry, they will still identify hostility or real danger in case it occurs; those instincts don’t need to be sharpened. 

Lack of Regime

This is a common mistake not only for dogs, but for people too. How many times did you skip your workout, laundry, your stroll in a park or your chores? This is what separates practice and determination to achieve something from an occasional thing you do. It is much more important in dog’s training. Make sure that your routine doesn’t stop even after the desired effect was gained. For dogs, it’s easy to forget what they’ve learned, so make it a habit. 

Don’t count on getting a great result in a short period of time

The one thing you can count is that dogs are really smart and willing to learn to help you. Make it easier for them by avoiding these mistakes. 

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