Stuck on the Ledge

This is no place for any animal.

In a country whose resources are already stretched thin, imagine the impact of this sort of natural disaster on the street dog population. In Bangkok alone, there are an estimated 60-70,000 stray dogs, and they are suffering greatly. Local organizations such as Soi Dog and Wildlife Friends Foundation are beyond overwhelmed trying to rescue and treat these injured and starving pets. (photo sources: World Vets)

How To Help:

1. Make a donation– this is the most direct way to provide immediate assistance.Organizations providing direct aid in Thailand:

The Pain Is Neverending

The horrendous pain this little guy is in is unimaginable. 

This Lady Is Doing A Very, Very Good Deed

Good samaritans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. 

Boat to The Rescue!

Boats coming to the rescue are the best sight for a stranded dog.

The Waters are Getting Higher

This poor guy seems to be no match for the rising water.