Can You Feed YOUR Food to The German Shepherd?

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-12

We all know that feeling when you just can’t force yourself to go to the shop to buy dog food.

And cooking them a separate meal is so tiresome…why not just give them some macaroni and cheese? Or a cheeseburger, or something. You see dogs eating human food all the time on TV and even in real life and it doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. Well, not really. 

Find out if feeding your dog with your food is a viable option and a healthy one.

As indicated by many vets, the most vital thing to your dog’s well-being and wellness is nutrition. 

 The Daily Puppy
The Daily Puppy

This is the foundation for the future health of your dog. A lot of diseases and conditions that are bad for health usually develop precisely due to malnutrition.

Vets notice, that many people give their dogs a ton of table scraps and treats, and that is the most concerning issue with pets being overweight or getting food that is difficult to digest.

Vets prescribe maintaining a distance from feeding human food to your dogs and adhering to a canine diet.

Like with human babies you also have to watch for the amount of food given. You might think your dog is pretty big now and give them a human portion of the food, which might actually turn out to be 3x or 4x more than needed. And it’s much better to realize your food rations are too much for the puppy before they fail to fit into the doors or climb onto the couch.

What you have to mark is the need for protein in dogs.

Especially for the breeds that will grow quite big, like the German Shepherd dog, getting enough proteins is vital. This is the means they use to develop such strong bodies and be so active most of the time. Without these ingredients in the food the dog will grow more and more lazy and indifferent to games and various activities.

What is really concerning is when the dog’s owner is a vegetarian.

Well, it’s not concerning in and of itself. What really concerns vets is another thing. Many people try to force this dietary regime onto their pets, and in this case feeding the dog YOUR food is strictly prohibited. German Shepherds need their fair share of animal protein and, moreover, some vegetables are simply indigestible by them.

Many dog owners boast that they provide healthy food for the dog or that they even share food.

It sounds sort of sweet, but this can lead to serious health issues. While the German Shepherd is a puppy and it’s diet is not well calibrated, you need to consult a vet to get the perfect mix of proteins, grains, types of meats and so on. From this foundation, you will be able to build up a real canine like a German Shepherd.

Even if you’re not planning on chasing criminals or monitoring drugs – getting your German Shepherd to perfect physical conditions is imperative. This will lead to a longer lifespan and a much higher quality of life.

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