German Shepherds are one of the breeds that produce a wide variety of dog types

We all know the mixed German Shepherd with the black and orange coating, made so famous by multiple TV shows. Black German Shepherds are also quite recognizable as a typical German Shepherd, mainly due to their amazing (and somewhat menacing) appearance. 

But what about the White German Shepherd?  Is this a natural coloring for the dog? Or is it a hereditary disease of some sort; a genetic mix-up? Some people raise the question if these dogs are a separate breed altogether or albinos. 

The truth is – White German Shepherds are 100% German Shepherds

Their coating color is rare, but it is caused by a recessive gene, not a disease of any sort.

This gene can be carried by any colored dog and is not an indicator of any illness. White German Shepherds are disqualified from AKC (American Kennel Club) shows due to their coloring. However, there is nothing wrong with the dog’s health and you can still register your dog. If you’re not chasing prizes at the AKC – the White German Shepherd will be an amazing dog for you. 

While you’ll be disqualified from AKC shows, it will simply leave you with more time to enjoy your beautiful pet

White German Shepherds share all of the positive traits of a German Shepherd. They are incredibly smart and playful. You can train them to do practically everything. If you’re an active person, your dog will joyfully join you in outdoor activities, hiking, running, beach walks and so on. They are excellent with kids, making the White German Shepherd a great addition to the family. 

German Shepherds, and White German Shepherds, in particular, are the complete package. The top traits that make them a great pet and a great family dog are, first and foremost, guardian and service dogs. They are brave, alert and courageous. This is the very reason you see German Shepherds serving in the military, on police forces, on rescue services and as aids for the disabled. This is the best companion and friend you’ll want. 

Protecting is one of the core instincts they have inherited as a breed!

These dogs are easier to train than most of the others and the combination of their character, skills, physique and appearance makes them a perfect fit for almost anyone. 

Because White German Shepherds are so love-able and their character so appealing for dog-lovers – they get much attention these days. People who are not looking for compromises, in this department, turn to these dogs. They check all the boxes and are perfect for active individuals and people with disabilities, for a person looking for a cute pet and for a big noisy family. 

Taking care of the dog and training is equally, if not more, a necessity for the White German Shepherd

They do not seem to suffer any illnesses solely because of their different coating. But they still require much care and effort from your side, as all German Shepherds do. 

In the end – all the time spent on your dog is well worth it because you gain an amazing protector and a friend.

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