I don’t know what’s up with artists and Dachshunds, but it seems like they are the ultimate dog to depict in a painting.

From Picasso to Warhol – looks like iconic artists simply adore these dogs, which led us to an idea about making a list of top 5 famous paintings of dogs. Spoiler alert – dachshunds are in there!

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  1. David Hockney’s Dachshunds

Talk about being obsessed, right? This renowned British painter has created literally hundreds of paintings of his beloved Dachshunds Stanley and Boodgie. The artistic value of these works is up for debate, but it is certainly a remarkable thing. An artist who singlehandedly substituted a small printing factory when it comes to creating pictures of dachshunds, should certainly be mentioned and praised for his work.

  1. Andy Warhol’s Dog

This legend of pop art has created his own dog-themed piece of art. Can you guess which kind of a dog did he paint? Yep, it was a dachshund. Warhol adopted this dog and became very close to it. Whether it was an artsy ‘thing’ – to go everywhere with your dog, or was it genuinely his close friend and companion doesn’t really matter. What matters is that there is an work of art by an iconic Andy Warhol centered around a dachshund!

  1. Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s A Friend in Need

This one was a no-brainer. Everyone remembers the famous painting of dogs playing cards. Being only one of a series of similar paintings, this one made its way deep into our culture. Gaining notable mentions even in pop culture shows, like the Simpsons. It’s hard to say what is it about this painting that makes everyone simply love it. But it clearly works, as you can easily recognize the painting, usually nicknamed simply ‘Dogs Playing Poker”. Surprisingly, no dachshunds were depicted on it! But don’t worry, they still had a final say.

  1. Edvard Munch’s Head of a Dog

This artist is world-famous for his work ‘The Scream’. And if that sent chills down your spine – take a look at this one. Munch stayed true to what he’s famous for with this work – creating paintings that exhibit anxiety and mental strain. Suffering himself from severe depression, he clearly was the guy to show the world what that state of mind would look like on a canvas.

  1. Pablo Picasso’s Lump

Finally, the work by one of the all-time greatest – Pablo Picasso. By this point, I’m sure, the ego of dachshund dogs should have already skyrocketed. But it wasn’t enough for these adorable little dogs. They needed Picasso. And he delivered. Lump was Picasso’s pet for 6 years. Their bond was so strong that Picasso didn’t even consider his pet as merely a dog; he was ‘somebody else’ for Picasso. The simple and instantly recognizable style of Picasso made this dog immortalized in one of the most famous dog paintings of all.

Putting aside a curious bias towards a certain breed (let’s not name it for the hundredth time), we all knew deep down that dogs are a perfect theme for a painting. They’re adorable and we love them. These 5 paintings are simply a proof of that.


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