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Right off the bat, we have to say this: Rottweilers may not be the right breed for you. What rottweiler lovers see as charming may be downright disturbing for other individuals. That’s why it takes a certain kind of person to see through a rott’s tough exterior and see the loving being inside. With that said, if you think you have the means, space, and personality to be a rott owner, here’s a list of everything you need to know about owning rottweiler dogs.

They Snore

Fun fact: a rottweiler may be prone to snoring. If you don’t mind having a roommate who snores, then a rottweiler is a good match for you.

Rottweilers Are Interior Designers

If you like your house to look a certain way and you can’t stand furniture re-arrangements or disarray, then a rottweiler might not be for you. If you don’t mind having a not-so-spotless house, then a rottweiler is definitely an option. However, if you find that a rottweiler is chewing down the furniture, this could signal something. It’s either they need new toys, affection, or time out of doors.

Rottweilers Like To Be Schooled

Rottweilers need to be trained. Period. Training a rottweiler from the get-go is not optional. They are a smart breed that’s capable of outsmarting humans if the need arises.

Rottweilers Need Companionship

Rottweilers have a tendency to lean towards their companion. Basically, rottweilers love companionship. It’s best that a rottweiler enjoys said companionship instead of just caging them. Let your pup interact freely with family members as well.

They Also Need Space

Rottweilers definitely need to always have their human close by but like humans, they also need space. If you live in a building or an apartment and you truly want a rottweiler, you have to always take them outdoors. Giving them a lot of outdoor time and space is good for their well-being.

Rottweilers Bite

It takes a calm and commanding owner to own a rottweiler. Rottweilers can bite if they’re not properly trained. And boy can they bite! That’s why a rottweiler needs to be properly trained to avoid accidents in the future. A properly trained rottweiler won’t just bite anybody. Sure, they may exhibit protective behavior (towards owners) in the presence of strangers. However, a good rottweiler won’t exhibit the negative characteristics that are usually associated with improperly trained dogs.

Don’t Let That Short Coat Fool You

If you want a rottweiler because they have a short coat, then you’re in for a surprise. Rottweilers actually shed a lot. Not only that but a rottweiler needs to be combed down regularly. This will not only establish a bond between you but it will help relax your dog as well. 

Rottweilers Need To Know Who’s Boss

They really need to know who’s boss. This isn’t optional. You have to be the leader and show the way. First things first, you have to train them to be obedient to you. Then you have to train a Rottie to be obedient to other members of the household. Once they know who’s boss, it’s easier to avoid negative instances in the future. 

They Live Long Lives

Having a rottweiler is like being in a long-term, fully-committed relationship. That’s why a lot of rottweiler owners opt for rottweiler puppies in order to ensure that they’re going to be respected from day 1. A rottweiler’s average lifespan is 8-11 years. If you’re willing to spend 8-11 years feeling loved by a tough guy (or gal), then a rottweiler is definitely a good match for you. 

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