They Are So “Vicious”, Right… Rottweiler Owners Know The Truth.

The Rottweiler is a tremendously powerful dog which has a bad reputation for being a vicious and dangerous dog but true Rottweiler owners know this not to be true. Rottweilers are placid, good-natured and loyal dogs. 

But we know that your guys are great animal lovers and responsible owners so these 10 incredible pictures which show Rottweilers in the true form of being incredibly adorable, loyal cute and funny are dedicated to you – and will hopefully make your day a little better.

In incognito as a baseball fan. (source: Imgur)

They’re So Adorable, You Forget They’re So Big!

So what? I’m a late bloomer! (source: Imgur)

They Love To Lounge Around After A Long Run. You’re Not Surprised To See THIS…

What most of us Cowboy fans looked like after the Playoff game. (source: AKC)

They’ll Fall Asleep Anywhere… Seriously…

Yeah… this lady doesn’t need a pillow! (source: AKC)

Even On Eachother… 

It looks comfy, no? (source: buzzsharer)

They Know Just What To Fetch You When You’re Feeling Down…

Why can’t all guys be like this? (source: buzzsharer)

They’re So Busy Being Scary, It’s Not Like They Have Time To Do This…

Bubbles: A Rottie’s biggest obstacle. (source: buzzsharer)

They Like To Unwind…

She’s had a very long day. (source: buzzsharer)

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They Love A Good Belly Rub…

To the left… up a little… there! Scratch there, human! (source: Imgur)

Bottom Line: They’re As Gentle As They Come..

Excuse me, does this come in a bigger size? (source: buzzsharer)

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