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10. You’re A Leader

Rottweiler dogs know a leader when they see one. In any case, you can easily show your rottweiler that you can lead the way by being firm but never harsh. If you know the characteristics of a good leader and you can assume this role while training your dog, then owning a rottweiler is going to be an enjoyable experience.

9. Zen Is Your Middle Name

While training a rottweiler, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is especially true for novice dog owners. However, if you know that you can keep your cool and not stress over your dog’s milestones and achievements, then this could definitely be a match made in heaven.

8. You Exude Confidence

Rottweiler dogs need to know who’s boss. If you’re not confident as a dog owner and as a trainer, it might not work out. The thing is that rottweilers obey those who they see as the one in command. So you really have to exude confidence!

7. Discipline Is Important To You

Rottweilers need to be trained and disciplined. There is no other choice. If you don’t train a rottweiler, it will try to outsmart you and undermine your authority. That’s why you have to enjoy the process of training and disciplining your dog. 

6. You’re Okay With A Slightly Messy House

If you’re still in the early stages of training a rottweiler, you might end up with a messy house. Chewed up furniture, missing shoes, and shedding could be the norm for the next few years. However, if that’s not a big deal for you, then a rottweiler might just be your best match.

5. You Have Space

Rottweilers might not do well in an apartment setting. They’re big, they shed a lot, and they really need the space. However, if you’re devoted to the breed and you’re willing to go out regularly and make sure that your Rott has enough exercise, then it’s definitely going to be a good match.

4. You’re Intelligent

A rottweiler is one intelligent dog. If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. That’s why you have to be smart enough to know when to be firm and when to be playful.

3. You Love Having A Routine

If you’re a stickler for routine, then a rottweiler is for you. Rottweiler temperament issues can be easily nipped in the bud if you stick to a routine. They’re a breed that will especially benefit from having a day-to-day routine. So if you don’t mind training your dog on set hours, then a rottweiler is probably your best match. If you’re not much for sticking to a daily routine, then you have to understand that rottweilers actually thrive on routine. If you’re willing to meet halfway, then that’s a good start.

2. You Have A Lot Of Love To Give

We’re not saying that rottweilers are clingy. It’s just that they do love to give and receive hugs and they’re not afraid to get up close and cozy with their human.

1. You’re In It For The Long Haul

Rottweilers are a loyal breed. Once you take them under your wing, they’re bound to you for life. They will look up to you and love you with all their heart. If you’re ready for a full commitment and a long relationship, then a rottweiler is definitely your best match.

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