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That Time Taylor Swift Saved Dave Grohl’s Butt

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-03

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Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift (photo from

Taylor Swift saved Dave Grohl’s butt once.  

Grohl, the frontman of Foo Fighters, played an acoustic solo set in June. That’s where he told the story about him, Swift, and Sir Paul McCartney, who Grohl says is “one of the baddest motherf*****s out there.”

Grohl had been at a party at McCartney’s house. It wasn’t long before Sir Paul jumped on the piano. He started to play a new song and then invited Grohl to join him.

Now, you probably know that McCartney is left-handed. And when it comes to guitar, that completely changes everything — left-handed guitars are impossible for righties (unless your Jimi Hendrix or course).

So Grohl looked around at McCartney’s guitars only to realize that all of the guitars were for a lefty. He couldn’t play a single one. Plus, he said he had “maybe smoke a little pot.”

Everyone was looking at him, waiting to see if he’d accept Paul’s invitation to play and, in turn, look like a fool, or turn down the Paul McCartney. His mind is racing, trying to figure out what to do.

And then Taylor Swift — “Batman” as Grohl called her — jumps in to save the day.

She jumped on the piano and started playing, putting the attention on herself instead of Grohl.

Then he grabbed a left-handed bass and tried to jam along with her. She started playing a beautiful piano part, and Grohl said he look at his wife and thought, “I f*****g know this song.”

It turned out to be Foo Fighters’ “Best of You.”

“As if I weren’t high enough, that f*****g blew me into outer space, man,” he said. “And so I felt obligated to sit next to her and duet. But her voice — she’s got a good voice. She can sing, man.”

Watch Grohl tell the whole story and play “Best of You”:

Speaking of unique guitars, someone stole one of Foo Fighters’ guitars — custom designed by FF guitarist Chris Shiflett — after a Happy Daggers rehearsal in Leeds.

The owner of the guitar, Sinclair Belle, has been watching the online stores to see if the thief will post it.

“It’s horrible to have anything taken but the fact it’s something that’s quite unique makes it worse,” he said. “The guitar is really hard to find. It sounds a bit geeky but I had done quite a bit of research because I wanted a specific sound and look. I’d saved up a while to get it.”

Designing your own guitar is a pretty big deal. But these guys had humbler days. Here’s a Facebook post from Dave talking about his punk rock band SCREAM.

“I had grown up buying their records and going to see their live shows, and eventually had the honor of becoming their drummer at the age of 17. Fresh out of high school, I started touring the world with them from 1987-1990.”

Foo Fighters (photo from Facebook)
Foo Fighters (photo from Facebook)

From SCREAM to Foo Fighters to playing music at a Paul McCartney party. And thanks to Taylor, Grohl can continue with his career without having to experience being humiliated in front of Sir Paul.

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