Tommy Lee Honestly Believes That Pamela Anderson Has “Poisoned” Their Kids


A few weeks ago, Tommy Lee was knocked unconscious by his son, Brandon. The former Motley Crue drummer is pressing charges because he’s not a “deviant alcoholic abuser,” and he blamed his ex-wife Pamela Anderson for their son’s action.

Tommy Lee, Brandon | Photo Credit Smart News

Tommy Lee has described the events as “depressing and out of control.” Apparently, because Pamela Anderson has been doing recent interviews and discussing their marriage publically, this led to the knock-out event.

All of this happened because of Lee’s recent engagement to Brittany Furlan.

Tommy Lee Speaks Out Against Pamela

Tommy, Pamela | Photo Credit The Wrap

“The fact that Pamela would ignore my please for her to stop pushed me over the edge,” wrote Tommy Lee. “I messaged her several times asking her to stop taking these interviews, that was hurting me and the boys, and she would ignore me.”

While the boys were growing up, Tommy Lee was on tour a lot of the time. Therefore, Pamela Anderson became the boy’s “hero.” Lee added, “The boys have been poisoned against me sadly.”

“I’ve come to peace with that,” he added.

Drummer Talks About Over-privileged Sons

Pamela & Sons | Photo Credit R&R Garage

Despite the problems of the boy’s youth, Lee is not going to have the same kind of disrespect in his house. However, as a father, he does believe that they just need some time to learn how to be adults.

“They’ve been given everything their entire lives, never been reprimanded, never had to work for anything,” said Lee about his sons. The boys had done the occasional acting or modeling gig, but nothing serious. “I want them to learn what it takes to take care of yourself,” he added.

In terms of the incident, Lee said his son Brandon came in the room angry about something Pamela said in an interview. He had his hands raised and wanted to fight his father. “When I stood up he pushed me into a wall. I didn’t want to hit my son,” said the drummer.

In an effort to keep the peace, Lee didn’t interact in violence. But, he was then “sucker punched” by his son and knocked unconscious. The boy laughed at the incident, filmed his unconscious dad, and posted it on social media.

Do you think Tommy Lee can repair things with his son?