HAPPENING NOW: What The DNC Did When FBI Investigated This Claim Is Illegal… Expose This

By Jessie Domingo | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-01-12

Refused Access To “Hacked” Computers?

russian hacking investigation
DNC Headquarters, Washington. Photo credit: PAUL HOLSTON/AP File

This is a new low, even for the DNC.

New developments in the democratic driven “Russian hacking” investigation have revealed that the Democratic National Committee has refused the Federal Bureau of Investigation access to their “hacked” computers.

Contradicting claims? Well… 

Another report states that the FBI did not even bother to ask for access to the computers in the first place. What does this mean?

In the past few days, the U.S. Intelligence Community had declassified their findings on the alleged Russian hacking. The report reflected the Democrat and big media narrative that Russia had meddled with the elections to help Trump win.

They argue that the release of politically compromising and embarrassing emails were done by Russian authorities to sabotage DNC candidate Hillary Clinton.

Those who have questioned this narrative, led by President-elect Trump himself, had been told to remain silent until the official reports have been released.

However, the reports are now coming off as unreliable after several sources reveal that the FBI never investigated the hacked servers…

The Big Reveal

russian hacking investigation
An FBI investigator. Photo Credit: True Pundit

CNN reported that an unnamed senior law enforcement official shared that the FBI had requested to investigated the “hacked” DNC servers as part of the Russian hacking investigation. The official said that the Democrats had repeatedly “rebuffed” the FBI.

According to the source, the FBI had repeatedly told the DNC how important it is for them to provide direct access to the “hacked” computers. This went on until long after the initial compromise had been mitigated. The officials, then, had no choice but to rely on a third-party source for the Russian hacking investigations.

A report from BuzzFeed news reveals that this third-party organization is a tech security company named CrowdStrike. Eric Walker, the DNC’s deputy communications director, had said that the third-party organization was “pretty good” and that there is no reason to doubt the validity of their conclusions.

The DNC, despite not providing direct access to their computers to the FBI, said they were highly confident that Russia was behind the alleged hacking.

Contradicting claims, one answer

The DNC spokesman has an opposite claim saying that the FBI has never requested access to their computers for the Russian hacking investigation. Walker continued to share that there is not one government agency that has conducted an independent forensic analysis on the system.

According to the representative, the FBI had never accessed their servers or requested to do so. They claim, however, that they have responded to “a variety of requests for cooperation” from the FBI Cyber Division. Instead of direct access to their “hacked” computers, the DNC shared information that was uncovered by CrowdStrike.

BuzzFeed News reached out to three other cybersecurity companies who have worked on major hacks in the last 15 months to ask if this was the norm. The companies said that it should be standard practice for the FBI to conduct their own forensic research on the “hacked” servers.

What we are sure of now, is that they did not.

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