The Complete Sports History Of “We Will Rock You” By Queen


It’s hard to picture a sporting event before Queen made the song, “We Will Rock You.” The classic song is so iconic that some youngsters may not even the song is part of the “We are the Champions” is actually its own song.

The two are often played together, possibly more in stadiums than on the radio. But, before all of this, Queen wrote the song for one of their rock albums. Among the band’s many contributions to music, “We Will Rock You” is likely the loudest.

This all started with Freddie Mercury and his unique spin on the genre.

Queen Wants To Rock You…

Freddie Mercury | Photo Credit I Love Classic

Freddie Mercury and Queen were never meant to look like a standard rock group. Their songs are different in terms of the relationship between melody and lyrics. Mercury brought an opera-like performance that is still unparalleled.

The stage performance is equally as important as the music being performed. Thanks to these various aspects, the song is one that is still played in stadiums and on the radio all over the world.

The song was originally meant to get the fans into the right mindset for the show.

The Most Popular Sports Song To Date

Sports Fans | Photo Credit Odyssey

Guitarist Brian May said they wanted to create a song that the audience could participate in. They wanted the audience to join in rather than just to listen along. So, they came up with the song while walking past a Liverpool Football Club.

They heard fans shouting the anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” That night, May went to sleep wondering if they could create their own anthem. He knew the fans would be squeezed in, but they could still clap and stomp their feet.

In 1977, Queen released the song on News of the World. Ironically, unlike the anthem they heard before, the song wasn’t associated with a certain team. Therefore, every team could use it as inspiration.

Ironically, one of the most flamboyant men in rock history is now a fixture in all sporting events, all over the world. Plus, despite being three decades old, the song is still the No. 1 song for American sporting events in terms of play count.

Where were you the first time you heard “We Will Rock You” by Queen?