The Real Reason Paul McCartney Was Paid Only $1.57 This Performance


At the London Olympics, there was a global audience of one billion people who tuned in to the Opening Ceremony for Paul McCartney. The musician should have got hundreds of thousands if not millions, but he was only paid one sterling.

Paul McCartney | Photo Credit Olympics

One sterling is about $1.57 in dollars and cents. According to Paul McCartney, he screwed up the song. He came in late with the opening song “Hey Jude” and it was because of a bell.

“I f**ked up,” said Paul McCartney about the event.

Paul McCartney Screwed Up Olympics Show

2012 Olympics | Photo Credit Telegraph

“I was supposed to wait for a cue,” said McCartney to NME. “But I forgot. Why? Well, there’s this bloody great bell that we didn’t know about. It was deafening… we prerecorded a playback in case all hell broke loose.”

McCartney said they were live and everyone was watching when it went off. “Everyone was there… The world was ready and this bloody bell goes off,” said the musician about the screw-up.

When he jumped on the song, he was off rhythm with the backtrack. Basically, there were two versions of Paul McCartney singing at the same time.

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