Luke Bryan’s show of kindness couldn’t have come at a better time. After the tragedy in Las Vegas, then Tom Petty died. But just one day after the horrific events at the Harvest 91 Festival, Bryan helps us see the good in the world. 

Bryan released his EP, “Here’s to the Farmer” in conjunction with his Farm Tour (photo from

Learning To Pronounce “K”

According to the Des Moines Register, Max Bird is a 13-year-old Iowan farm boy. His favorite singer is Luke Bryan. Max has some challenges.

Max was born with Trisomy 21 (otherwise known as Down’s syndrome). He also suffers from a speech impediment, Apraxia. As such, Max spends quite a bit of time in speech therapy.

His therapist, Sarah Sitzmann of Enrichment Therapies in Urbandale, spent months with Max helping him to learn to pronounce the “k” in Luke’s name. She captured his success on video, and encouraged his mother, Jami Bird, to put it on social media. Sitzmann thought it might reach Bryan. Maybe Max could meet his idol.

It turned out to be a great move.

Jami admitted that she was reluctant at first, but did it anyway. The video (see below) went viral on Facebook, with more than 90,000 views and 1,300 shares. It quickly reached industry leadership and management associated with Bryan.


Friends & Family- PLEASE SHARE THIS FOR ME!!!! Let’s get this to Luke Bryan!!!Bobby Bones Show!!Max is a 13 year old teen with a speech impairment called Apraxia of Speech, which makes it very difficult to say certain sounds. This summer Max worked with me (his Speech-Language Pathologist) on the “k” sound because he was determined to be able to say “Luke” at the Luke Bryan Concert in Boone, Iowa this month. Watch the video to see Max’s progress and his love for Luke Bryan. Please help me by SHARING THIS VIDEO, so Luke can see what an impact he’s made on Max’s life!!!For full video: Share on Twitter: @sarahsitz #lukebryan #countrymusic #farmtour #farmtour2017 #iowa #booneiowa #musician #jonpardi #lightitup #Herestothefarmer #cabelas #millerlite #chevrolet #soundslikenashville #sln #bobbybonesshow #zielfarm #apraxiaofspeech #speechpathology

Posted by Sarah Sitzmann on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Farm Tour 2017

As part of his Farm Tour, Bryan had a one-night performance in Boone, Iowa. The concert took place September 30.

After Max’s video spread so rapidly, one of the Farm Tour corporate sponsors, Bayer, gave Max and his family VIP passes. Much to their delight, they were not passes for only Max and his mom, but also for his dad, Paul, and brother Mitchell. Even more exciting, was that the passes included a meet-and-greet with Bryan.

Max was finally meeting his idol.

“A special, special moment.”

Bryan spent time with the family. He signed autographs. He and Max shared a few fist-bumps. They even sang together.

In her Des Moines Register interview, Max’s mom described it perfectly, “At that moment, it wasn’t about his speech. It wasn’t about what he couldn’t do. It was about what he could do. … Luke understood him, they connected and it was a special, special moment.”



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