What Was Jimi Hendrix’s Net Worth Before He Died At Age 27?


Iconic musician Jimi Hendrix was worth around one hundred million dollars when he died at the age of 27. Based on his age and the time, it’s quite possible that he was the highest-paid musician in the world at that time.

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit Pinterest

Based on how short his career actually was, the number is astounding. As one of the greatest musicians of the 1960s, he also became one of the greatest musicians in the world. Despite his young age, he made a ton of movies and influenced even more lives.

This all started with a songbook and an electric guitar.

The Bank Account Of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit Medium

Not everyone has a bank account that can balance their true influence on the world. The beloved musician had everything but that wasn’t enough to save him. Even so, it’s still a ridiculous amount of money for one man in the 1960s.

But when compared to professional athletes today, it’s also possible he was underpaid. A basketball star or quarterback might make a few hundred million over a few seasons, even if they will never play again.

Jimi Hendrix continues to influence rock fans all over the globe.

From Backup To Frontman Performer

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit Pinterest

Before his launched his solo career, the Voodoo Child played backup guitar for a handful other famous musicians. A handful of names include The Isley Brothers, Little Richard, and Ike and Tina Turner.

As he moved to a frontman, he also suffered from paranoia and anxiety. While recording “Purple Haze,” Jimi Hendrix actually asked for the studio to be pitch black. He couldn’t perform with the lights and the eyeballs on him.

For some reason, he did not want for anyone to see him while he was singing. But when he did get past that fear, he did so with great leaps and bounds. Soon after, Hendrix took the world by storm.

Songs like “Hey Joe,” “Purple Haze,” and “The Wind Cries Mary” lit up the United Kingdom. Then he performed at the Monterey Pop Festival in the States, where he famously lit his guitar on fire. That permanently made him a star.

What did you love most about the musician, Jimi Hendrix?