Why On Earth Did AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Hire A Hitman?


After the release of an unsuccessful solo album called Head Job, AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd fired a bunch of his staff. In addition, there was also speculation that he asked for his former personal assistant to be “taken out.”

On September 25, 2014, Phil Rudd told a friend that if his assistant was murdered, he would hand over a car, motorbike, house, or $200,000 in cash. The following day, he threatened the assistant several times over the phone.

“I’m going to come over and kill you,” said Rudd to the assistant.

AC/DC Drummer Threatens To Kill

Phil Rudd | Photo Credit Rolling Stone

Based on these phone calls, the drummer eventually had to go to court for this conspiracy to murder. Rudd has to plead guilty for “threatening to kill,” as well as a handful of drug possession charges.

But, in the end, the murder-for-hire charges were dropped due to “insufficient evidence.” Despite all of this, he wanted to return from Australia to America to be with his former bandmates.

Technically, he wasn’t charged with hiring a hitman.

Phil Rudd Wants To Reconnect With Band

AC/DC | Photo Rolling Stone

“I’d like to be involved with Angus [Young] again, maybe on the next album or something,” said Phil Rudd to Kaaos TV. “I have a few travel restrictions, so I’m not even sure if I can get into America.”

The drummer concluded, “So I have some limitations on what I can do. I’m just making the best of my situation at the moment.” All of this, of course, was telling what happened without really telling what happened.

Legally, Rudd is not guilty of hiring a hitman. But he did threaten to kill his assistant. It’s unclear if this was directly due to the unsuccessful solo album, or because of a number of other issues. Because of the various reasons above, Rudd has certain travel restrictions. Therefore, unless Angus joins him in New Zealand, the tour will not continue in America anytime soon.

Head Job was recorded with two of Rudd’s associates, guitarist Geoffrey Martin and bass guitarist and vocalist Allan Badger,

Have you ever heard of this album from former AC/DC drummer, Phil Rudd?