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What if Luke Bryan could talk to his late brother and sister again in this life? Is it possible that he could communicate with the spirit world? If so, that would be something.

Here’s a story about a woman named Maribeth.

Maribeth Graham watched her father slowly slip away, breathing his last. Little did she know, she’d speak to him again.

“My Kong is falling from the building,” she whispered into his ear as he lay dying. Growing up, she had called him King Kong because he seemed so big to her.

About two months after he passed, Maribeth went to an event to see a medium named Lisa Williams. Maribeth wanted to communicate with her dad.

As she sat in the packed center, she held tightly to her father’s gold-plated watch, hoping to have a physical object that connected her with him.

Suddenly, the medium called out, “I have a grandfather-like figure with me and he is speaking about his granddaughter Julie.” 

But Maribeth knew right away that this was her dad, and he wasn’t saying “Julie,” he was saying “Jilly,” the nickname he gave Maribeth’s daughter.

“Although I sensed his presence,” Maribeth wrote in Reader’s Digest. “I wasn’t confident enough to raise my hand. I needed something a bit more concrete, something indisputable.”

So Lisa the medium gave her that concreteness.

“This man is letting me know he had cancer,” Lisa said.

That’s when Maribeth knew it was her dad. She raised her hand. But another woman in the crowd also raised her hand, thinking this was actually her loved one.

In an attempt to decipher whose loved one it was, the medium said that the deceased person died in June.

Maribeth’s dad died June 8.

The medium said the deceased person had swelling in the legs.

Maribeth’s dad had edema.

Then the kicker, the thing that sealed the deal.

“Important information,” Lisa the medium said, “Which one of you is holding his watch?”

Maribeth waived the watch she was holding. 

“Happy Birthday,” Lisa said. It was September 15th and Maribeth’s birthday was one week prior. “He wishes you congratulations also,” Lisa said. Maribeth’s fourth child was born three weeks after her dad died. She was in shock.

Lisa continued. “I don’t know why but he wants me to do this like Tarzan…” 

Maribeth’s sister, who went to the event with her, yelled out, “King Kong!”

This was him, she believed.

Finally, Lisa the medium said that Maribeth’s dad would send her dimes. The next day, she found six dimes in different places. 

She knew then…King Kong lives on.

Whether this is a true story or not, the fact is it would be amazing if we can have one last chit chat with late country stars like Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash. 

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