2Willie Robertson recently tried to get back at his older brother, Jase. But the attempt quickly unraveled and then backfired.

Jase defends his new hobby (Source: Facebook)

The Duck Commander guys were sitting in the office, with their boss Willie standing over them.

“So did Jase tell you about his new little hobby?” Willie asks the guys.

“It was a private moment that you snooped in on,” Jase interjects.

The guys are intrigued. Uncle Si wonders if it’s mining. But Willie is quick to announce that Jase is taking dance lessons from Sadie. Jase’s defense is that Missy wants them to take lessons, so they won’t be embarrassed at the wedding they were to attend.

But that defense is met with zingers.

“He looked like Frankenstein out there,” Willie says, mimicking the stiff Frankenstein walk.

“I thought I was actually pretty good,” Jase replies.

Uncle Si, an apparent expert on everything, jumped in.

Uncle Si (source: Facebook)

“You cannot teach dancing,” Si says. “You either can dance or you can’t. Myself — I’m a natural.”

Si then goes on to explain that he was once a famous dancer.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but I was on the fast-track for dancing before I got the ol’ little letter from Uncle Sam saying, ‘Hey, I need you,’” he says.

Whatever the case, Willie and the guys kept badgering Jase about his “hobby.” But Jase says he’s going to “freestyle” at the wedding.

“I’m just trying to make [Missy] feel better,” he says.

“I don’t think your freestyle’s any better,” Willie retorts. “Alright, y’all get back to work. I just wanted to let y’all know that Jase had a little hobby.”

But then Mrs. CEO, Korie, enters the office unexpectedly. She wants to know what’s going on. Willie says nothing, but the guys force Willie to tell Korie what they’ve been talking about — Jase’s dancing.

Then Korie says it would be a good idea for her and Willie to take dance lessons too. Willie, of course, says he doesn’t need them because he’s already got “moves.”

“You got moves,” Korie says. “But it’s just hard for me to dance with you because you’re, like, doing your own moves.”

Willie meeting Karma (Source: Facebook)

Willie denies that they need lessons.

“You’re not getting the message, Willie,” Jase says. “She’s tired of getting hurt when you all are dancing.”

Eventually, Willie gets roped into going to Jase’s next dance lesson with Korie. Ah, karma.

“That what you get for making fun of me,” Jase says.


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