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Attention all 90s kids: your generation of country artists produced some of the best music, some of the most recognizable music, both within and outside the country music world. Something in that 90s water must have just given country artists super songwriting abilities.In the same decade that gave us Space Jam, denim, Bubble Tape, we got some of the biggest hits

In the same decade that gave us Space Jam, denim, Bubble Tape, we got some of the biggest hits country music has ever seen. Here are the music videos for five of the top 90s country songs.

“You’re Still the One” – Shania Twain

This Twain hit was nominated for four GRAMMY Awards, winning both “Best Country Song” and “Best Female Country Vocal Experience.” This is easily one of her most successful singles; it’s a must-listen in the category of best 90s songs.

“She’s In Love With The Boy” – Trisha Yearwood

Instantly from the first few chords of this song, you know what you’re listening to. The 1991 single “She’s in Love With the Boy” follows the love story of Katie and Tommy. This love story turned the first page of Yearwood’s story of a successful career.

“This Kiss” – Faith Hill

Even non-country fans, kids who grew up in the 90s, know the tagline of this song, “This kiss, this kiss.” It dropped in 1998 and was Hill’s first international hit. Now, Faith Hill is a name almost any music lover knows.

“Independence Day” – Martina McBride

Because of the graphic depiction of the main character burning down her house with her husband (aka her abuser) inside, this song and video got mixed reviews when it came out. Nonetheless, it won two CMA Awards and a GRAMMY for “Best Country Song.” It’s still around for good reason; it tells a powerful story.

“How Do I Live” – LeAnn Rimes

This song climbed onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart and got comfortable up there; it stayed for 69 whole weeks, reaching No. 2 at its best (this was pretty good for a 14-year-old girl). It’s currently listed on Billboard’s All-Time Top 100, and it’s a classic 90s country song.

“I Like It, I Love It” – Tim McGraw

Surely McGraw liked that this song peaked at number one on Billboard’s US Hot Country Songs and Canada Country Tracks, and earned the number three spot on Billboard’s US Country Songs for 1995.

It’s made some TV appearances, including during Monday Night Football on ABC.

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