country musicBlake Shelton and Brad Paisley (photo from Why does an athlete listen to music before a big game? Why do you feel so cool when you’re driving with the windows down, pumping Sam Hunt’s new song?

It’s the power of music. 

Let me explain.

Even if you don’t know the words to a song, you get the sentiment from the chords, melody, and beat. Whether it’s Sam Hunt or Reba McEntire, a song can affect how you feel.

Here’s the proof.

Music is used in whole host of different practices: music therapists, surgeons during operations, and music can even help patients right after surgery. Speech therapists use music, and we’ve already seen how it can help stutterers.

But how does this apply to you, a country music fanatic?

Are you feeling down? Here are four ways music, and especially country music, can help change your mood.

Music makes you happy

Many people put on their headphones to inject themselves with music — it’s a sort of medicine to make you feel better.

Soothing music initiates the release of serotonin, a hormone that contributes to happiness and wholeness. Also, music makes your body release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that basically just makes you feel good (dopamine kicks in to fight off physical pain as well). But wait, there’s more — music causes your body to release norepinephrine, another hormone that can make you feel euphoric.

Imagine all of those things flooding your body when you listen to music. How could you not feel happy?

Music motivates you

Like I said in the intro, music can get you pumped up. When the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback is getting ready for a game, don’t you think music would help?

Yes, it can.

Imagine listening to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor or “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson — they’ve both got inspirational lyrics and sonics. And you don’t have to be an NFL quarterback for this to work. Try this the next time you need to get pumped for something, like going for a run or working out.

Music reduces stress

Maybe you need the opposite of “pumped.” If you’ve got a big test or a presentation at work, turn on some calming music. Are you feeling stressed about money or the future? Music is one fo the best ways to release what’s bottled up inside of you. It’s my go-to stress reliever.

Music literally changes your brainwaves

Got a bad disposition? Turn on your favorite country music station. It can really alter your mood, even after you’re done listening to a song. Music can modify your brainwaves so that you feel positive (or whatever emotion you want) for hours or even days.

There are so many studies out there that look into the effect of music on people. Here’s one study about how sad music can sometimes make you feel good. Here’s a study from Johns Hopkins that says music can help in the classroom. And here’s a study from Stanford University about how music helps you focus.

These are just a few ways music can literally change your day-to-day life. 



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