“Friends In Safe Spaces”

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Liberals have been taunting conservatives since Donald Trump won the presidency–and now it is coming back to haunt them. For months, they have used Garth Brooks’ infamous “Friends in Low Places” to mock Trump and his supporters.

But, two comedians recently decided to turn the tables in a big way. Chad Prather and Steve “Mudflap” McGrew thought it was time to give liberal “snowflakes” a taste of their own medicine. Their soon-to-be legendary parody titled “Friends in Safe Spaces” hit the internet last week and became an instant hit with conservatives everywhere.

The duo cleverly addressed several of the issues plaguing the overly-emotional anti-Trump crowd. They began their song by highlighting liberal’s bitterness over Trump’s victory and their inability to accept the results.

We feel very bitter
get our news off of Twitter
And we just can’t handle defeat

Prather and McGrew also saw fit to take a jab at liberal Hollywood director, Michael Moore, who has never missed an opportunity to bash President Trump.

Well we all get along
And sing happy songs
And watch movies by Michael Moore

Of course, what would a pro-Trump parody be without a mention of…

Fake News

Enhancing the growing problem of anti-Trump sentiment is the blatantly biased or false stories being perpetuated by mainstream media. This is especially true with CNN-who is often jokingly referred to as the “Clinton News Network” by conservatives.

The chorus of the parody alludes to the possibility that CNN is contributing to liberal’s need for “safe spaces.”

Come on in and let’s get cozy
Showing off participation trophies
Watching CNN
In Safe Spaces

All kidding aside, while the song is hysterically funny, it is also alarmingly scary. It is well-known that true heroes run head-on into danger and adversity. Now, we have a generation of young adults who can’t run away fast enough. I wonder then, who will keep America “safe” from them?

Enjoy the full video




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