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We humans created last names so that we wouldn’t get confused. Imagine having two friends named Bob, or two friends named Linda — how would you differentiate them? You’d have to say things like, “The Bob with the bald head” or “The Linda that smells funny.”

Hence, last names. 

If you become well-known or famous, you can drop your last name and it still works.  Think about it: Prince, Kanye, Jesus, etc. So if your friends become famous, they just become “Bob” or “Linda” and everyone knows who you’re talking about.

Only a few country stars have gotten to that point. But here are six country artists that can go by one name only.


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We know him as “The King of Rock and Roll”. Literally, everybody knows who Elvis Presley is. A rock critic named Robert Christgau sums his legacy up pretty well.

“I know he invented rock and roll, in a manner of speaking, but … that’s not why he’s worshiped as a god today,” Christgau said. “He’s worshiped as a god today because in addition to inventing rock and roll he was the greatest ballad singer this side of Frank Sinatra…”


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She came into the world Jewel Kilcher and has earned the one-name-only status with her unique name and her musical accomplishments. Jewel has won multiple awards, released several albums, and has had chart-topping songs. There is no one else in country music like her — seriously, there’s no one else named Jewel.


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Reba McEntire has amassed a legacy. Her website is just, and, as we’ve reported before, she has a very impressive trophy case:

  • Sold over 56 million albums worldwide
  • Member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame
  • 15 American Music Awards
  • 13 ACM Awards
  • 9 People’s Choice Awards
  • 7 CMA Awards
  • 2 GRAMMY Awards
  • ACM Career Achievement Honor
  • One of only four entertainers in history to receive the National Artistic Achievement Award from the U.S. Congress


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Only one Blake exists who is also a country star. He’s a coach on the voice, has won several awards, and has had 21 number one singles. As the former husband of his fellow country star, Miranda Lambert, he is now with pop star, Gwen Stefani.


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When Lucinda Williams won the album of the year for her 2014 album, “Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bonem,” she stayed humble in her response.

“I am up against such incredible talent,” she said. “This is such an honor, and it’s really, really moving.”

She has also won a Lifetime Achievement Award for her songwriting.


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How many musicians (or people in the world) have the name Dierks? It’s not just his unique name that makes people know him just by his forename. In light of his 2016 album, “Black,” he feels like he can be whoever he wants.

“I think I’ve claimed the right to be any version of me that I want to be,” he told Rolling Stone.

Will you be a one-name only star?!

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