AC/DC’s Angus Young Unsure If Band Will Continue


AC/DC’s Angus Young Slowly Watching His Legendary Career Come To A Close

AC/DC's Angus Young
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AC/DC’s Angus Young has virtually carried the band on his back in 2016.  The animated guitarist is always holding a high level of importance in the band.  Some would consider AC/DC’s Angus Young the most popular member of the band. The guitarist beloved by millions holds a rare position in rock comparable to Van Halen. Both are the centerpiece of the band, yet neither sing a note. Over the last year, Angus Young watched helplessly as the rock band he co-founded dissolved around him. AC/DC’s Angus Young has little hope the legendary band will continue much longer.

AC/DC began with Malcolm and Angus Young, two brothers who assembled the band from trial and error.  The final supporting cast was set following the addition of Cliff Williams, Phill Rudd, and Bon Scott. AC/DC’Highway To Hell (1979) would become the breakthrough album.  Tragically, lead singer Bon Scott was found dead within months of the recording.  Bon would be almost impossible to replace forcing AC/DC to consider ending the group.  However, AC/DC’s Angus Young knew that Bon would want them to go on.  Scott was replaced by Brian Johnson who then appeared on Back in Black (1980). AC/DC has been a force in rock ever since.

AC/DC‘s Angus Young Is The Last Man Standing

AC/DC began losing members of the band before 2016.  First, AC/DC‘s Angus Young watched his brother fade away into dementia.  According to The Guardian, AC/DC have been stricken by departing members over the past two years. In September 2014, it was announced that rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young had departed the group, owing to the onset of dementia.”

The article goes on to say that Angus began to notice severe signs while touring. In November 2014, Angus told the Guardian that “Malcolm had begun to show symptoms when the group recorded the Black Ice album in 2008, and that he had to relearn songs between shows on the subsequent tour: “It was hard work for him. He was relearning a lot of those songs that he knew backward; the ones we were playing that night, he’d be relearning,” Young said.

Drummer Phil Rudd was removed from AC/DC by the New Zealand judicial system. “In November 2014 when he was charged in New Zealand with attempting to procure a murder, threatening to kill and possession of illegal drugs. Phil Rudd later pleaded guilty to drugs charges and threatening to kill, and was sentenced to home detention.”

Lead Singer Brian Johnson was forced to stop touring in 2016 due to a doctor’s warning of severe hearing loss. Axl Rose replaced Johnson much to the dismay of many fans.

Finally, bassist Cliff Williams announced at the beginning of the 2016 tour this would be his last run with AC/DC

AC/DC’s Angus Young left standing in a school boy’s uniform, guitar in hand, unsure if he should continue. Rolling Stone asked Young about the future of his band.

The Question is Asked


“Have you thought about your own future after the tour ends? You’ve never played in any other band.”

That’s true. At this point, I don’t know. We were committed to finishing the tour. Who knows what I’ll feel after? When you sign on and say, “I’m gonna do this and that,” it’s always good to say at the end of it, “I’ve done all I said I would do.”

AC/DC’s Angus Young has done more than enough for his coveted rock brotherhood. A man who was known for dressing like a boy and played the electric guitar like a demon. Four decades of quality music coupled with playing through the loss of his friends. Angus can duck walk to the couch and take a break; he did everything he could and more.


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  • Hand of Doom

    All good things must come to an end. 1973 to 2016 is a pretty damn good run.

  • Amo Green

    For Those About To Rock I Salute You !!!!

  • David Tomasello

    Always a fan no matter what ! Angus you are a Rock Legend !
    Thanks for the great run !

  • M_In_O_Town

    It’s trendy to say “retire and quit” but this is like an old car falling apart. You’re going to have to figure it out for yourself. I was just listening to Girl’s Got Rhythm today and how good it sounded. We’re sure going to miss that.

  • Stuart E Triebe Sr.

    Whole lotta rosie is the bomb

  • Julie Rose Jewell

    I will support Angus no matter what he decides to do and will always be a Huge Fan. Thanks so much for all the Memories and Great Tunes that I have already passed on to my kids and I am sure they will do the same. You are a True Rock Legend who will go down in history as One of the Absolute BEST!! AC/DC TOTALLY ROCKS and ALWAYS WILL!!

  • Darryl Arthur

    AC/DC is my favorite all-time band! It’s hard to see them come to a close but they were a force to reckon with. I recently were to there show in Atlanta and was apprehensive due to Axl on vocals but I gotta say they rocked that venue hard. I was blown away. With that said, I think maybe Axl and Angus need to form a band. I’m pretty sure they would rock!

  • Dunny

    Have a rest buddy. You’ve earned it

  • davbyrnes

    Whoever wrote this, can you say “AC/DC’s Angus Young” just one more time? If you’re going to masquerade as a journalist, at least take some writing classes, and learn to use pronouns and correct punctuation. I’m exhausted after reading this article!

  • For those about to rock…..we salute ypu????

  • I never get tired of AC/DC. specifically the older stuff with bon scott..

  • Vance

    I can say… I’m so glad AC/DC had their run during my generation!! For Those About To Rock!!! We Salute You!!

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