Bob Dylan has decided to finally accept his Nobel Prize for Literature. He earned the award in October of 2016 but did not attend the ceremony.

Bob DylanDylan will be accepting his Nobel Prize in private (photo from According to BBC, Dylan will privately meet with the academy in Stockholm, where he just happens to be playing some shows. No media will be at the award-giving meeting.

However, in order to receive the $900,000 in prize money, he must give a speech. His answer to this is to send a taped Nobel lecture instead of giving it in person.

The academy’s permanent secretary, Professor Sara Danius, wrote a blog post explained the situation.

“The good news is that the Swedish Academy and Bob Dylan have decided to meet this weekend,” Danius writes. “The Academy will then hand over Dylan’s Nobel diploma and the Nobel medal, and congratulate him on the Nobel Prize in Literature. The setting will be small and intimate, and no media will be present; only Bob Dylan and members of the Academy will attend, all according to Dylan’s wishes.”

Dylan may not be happy about winning the Nobel Prize in Literature (source: MetroLyrics)

Dylan did not attend the 2016 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony back in December. In his stead, the US ambassador to Sweden, Azita Raji, gave a speech written by Dylan. It initially seemed like Dylan would never accept the award, even removing any mention of it from his website.

The academy award this to Dylan “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” they say.

When he initially seemed to not want the award, we said this was Dylan being classic Dylan. And now, as he demands to accept the award only in private, we can say it again. This is Dylan just being good ol’ Dylan.

Bob Dylan – “Mr. Tambourine Man”

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